Happy post-Halloween! While November doesn't get that much praise, considering it's in between two of the biggest holiday months of the year, it doesn't mean there isn't a ton going on in the city the next four weeks! From continued Fall festivities to the early Winter excitement that comes from the Santa Claus Parade and Cavalcade of Lights, November is a month all about the hype of Fall and Christmas, what more could you want?

So whether you are looking for things to do to continue your Fall celebrations or are already setting up your Christmas tree now that Halloween is over, there is definitely something for you! Click on to check out all the free events going on in the city this month! 

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Free Things To Do From November 1-8

Free Things To Do From November 9-15

Free Things To Do From November 16-22

Free Things To Do November 24-30 

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Free Things To Do From November 1-8

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Visit one of these museums that have temporary free admission // November 1st-30th 

That's right, a ton of museums in the city are hosting free admission in light of the investment management company's 50th anniversary. From Colborne Lodge to Spadina Museum, there are tons of heritage museums to check out so take advantage of the free admission before it's gone!

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Toronto Chocolate Festival // November 1st-30th 

Celebrating their 13th anniversary, the Toronto Chocolate Festival is back in a big way, featuring all thinks chocolate. Whether you like your chocolate salty or sweet, you are guaranteed to find the traditional chocolate you know and love as well as some fun creations!

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Mimico Pumpkin Parade // November 1st 

The 4th annual pumpkin parade in Mimico will be happening at the start of November and it's a spectacle you definitely don't want to miss. The community brings together carved pumpkins and lights them up as part of a Fall tradition!

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Have a bonfire at the Humber Park before the real cold weather hits. 

Ok so it might be getting pretty cold, but trust me once December hits and it's -13 you are going to wish you had bundled up and experienced one last bon fire before the entire city freezes over for a solid 7 months. Plus with fall foliage still in tact, you've got great view to enjoy while you're snuggled up by the fire!

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Day of The Dead at the Harbourfront // November 4-5

The Harbourfront Centre will be transforming into a space to celebrate Mexico's culture, life, heritage and families in celebration of the iconic holiday. From galleries, art, music and dancing, this culturally packed experience is definitely something you don't want to miss.

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Visit the last Farmer's Market for the season at Evergreen Brickworks // November 4

Unfortunately, with November comes the closing of a lot of farmers markets due to the cold weather. Luckily the Farmer's Market at Evergreen Brickworks will be open one last time for this season on the 4th of this month. So make sure to show up if you want to grab some farm fresh produce from the market one last time before Spring!

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Bike through one of Toronto's bike trails to appreciate the fall foliage!

If you are looking to enjoy an experience where you can appreciate nature while getting in some cardio, look no further than a bike ride! Toronto is home to some lovely trails that take you through the perfect Fall scenic routes to enjoy the leaves before they fall!

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Order some UberEats and enjoy a picnic at Riverdale Park! 

Definitely, plan to do this soon considering the temperature is dropping lower and lower with every day. Though- that's nothing some thick blankets can't fix if you are dedicated! Plus, with the amazing UberEats opportunities in each neighbourhood, you are going to want to look for a reason to order out!

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Toronto Indie Horror Fest // November 8-11

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean the horror flicks have to stop! If you are a horror movie buff, spooky season is never exclusive to just one month of the year, and the Indie Horror Fest happening this year is the perfect way to extend the spooky celebration!

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Go to a monthly Pug Grumble! // TBA 

Toronto's Pug Grumbles have become widely known and loved, on the heels of their most recent grumble featuring pugs in Halloween themed costumes, you can look forward to their November meetup coming soon. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more information!

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Visit Dundas Peak and enjoy the view before the leaves fall. 

You've only got a few more weeks at the most before the leaves start to lush and the gorgeous Fall landscape that makes the Dundas Peak so popular disappears for the Winter. So make sure to head over and make the hike as if you haven't done it before, will surely inspire you to hike more often!

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Go on a Toronto street mural hunt with this map of all the coolest spots. 

Who doesn't love a good treasure hunt? Except instead of treasure, you'll be scoping out all the coolest street murals and graffiti walls the city has to offer- and trust me when I say Toronto is home to some pretty cool street art.

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Free Things To Do From November 9-15

Freef'all Sundays in Kensington Market // Every Sunday 

If you haven't heard of Freef'all Sundays, they are organized open mic nights held every Sunday in Kensington. Not only is it crazy easy to sign up if you are a performer looking to showcase your talent, but if you just want to go to watch and support some local talent, it won't cost you a dime!

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Visit the High Park Zoo. 

The zoo is great, but it can be a pain to commute all the way to the Toronto Zoo and then have to pay for admission. Luckily, High Park hosts the perfect (free) alternative! You can see adorable farm animals like goats and llamas for nothing, it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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Walk along the harbourfront while enjoying one of these festive drinks. 

#PSLSZN never ends, especially when it starts to actually get cold. So make sure to bundle up and grab your favourite Fall drink before walking along the harbour to check out how pretty and serene the Waterfront becomes in the Winter!

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Go window shopping along Queen West. 

Queen West boasts tons of great stores, from name brand shops to thrift spots with unique finds, the street will please any fashionista. Though, if you are looking for a free day, there's no harm (or cost) in checking out the street without actually buying anything and just getting some fashion inspo!

Visit the 'Reminiscing Damascus' exhibit by Rana Hatmal // November 10th 

This Syrian artist has created a stunning exhibit that will be showcased in Markham this November and definitely is something you are going to want to check out whether you are into art or not!

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Regent Park Film Festival // November 15-18th

This free community festival is back again for their 15th year and hosting all kinds of events. From their workshops and panels to the showcasing of shorts and events, this film festival is the perfect free event for aspiring filmmakers and videographers!

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Visit the Dorset Fire Tower.

This observation deck in Algonquin offers a breathtaking 360-degree view above the Lake of Bays and during the Fall, the view is absolutely incredible!

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Watch a Raptors or Leafs Games in Maple Leafs Square. 

While Raptors and Leafs tickets can get pretty pricey as well as a meal at Real Sports to catch the game outside of the arena, it costs nothing to enjoy either game in the square itself. Just make sure to wear some warm clothes under your jersey so you can rep while staying warm!

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Explore through Kensington Market for prospective Christmas gifts! 

Kensington is the perfect place to window shop, especially for unique Christmas gifts your family and friends didn't even realize they wanted! It's the perfect spot considering there is a ton going on outside of shopping so you definitely will keep entertained while scoping out the coolest gifts!

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Head to the Bata Shoe Museum on Thursdays after 5PM and pay what you can

While the Bata Shoe Museum often gets overlooked in favour of it's more well-known close-neighbour the ROM, that doesn't mean this spot isn't worth checking out! I mean, who doesn't love shoes? Now imagine an entire museum dedicated to shoes from around the world? Head over on Thursdays at 5PM and you can pay what you can to gain some serious shoe inspo!

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Free Things To Do From November 16-22

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Toronto Christmas Market // November 16th-December 23rd 

Of course, the Toronto Christmas Market is easily the most exciting event on this list if your countdown for Christmas started on Boxing Day last year. The Distillery Christmas Market is arguably one of the coolest features of Toronto come the Christmas season and the best way to ring in the holidays!

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Illuminite // November 18th 

The 10th anniversary of the annual tree lighting ceremony at Yonge-Dundas Square is definitely a spectacle you want to see! Illuminate features tons of aspects like dances, light shows, acrobats and tons more!

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Catch the sunset at Polson Pier.

Polson Pier is a gorgeous spot to take in the sunset considering it's right by the lake. So grab a warm drink, bundle up and get ready for a breathtaking view!

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Try out some of these "illegal" date ideas with your S/O.

While we definitely don't suggest you do these dates, they definitely are a great free idea to do with your partner if you are both short for cash and are looking to spice up your love life!

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Bloor-Yorkville Holiday Magic // November 18th 

This tree lighting at Bloor and Yorkville is sure to be a gorgeous and luxe experience considering how adorable the area is. It'd also be a great (and free) idea to try and visit as many tree lightings in the city as possible, considering there are so many!

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Santa Claus Parade // November 19th 

The annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade isn't just for kids! This fun and timeless experience is the perfect way to get into the holiday mood considering you'll catch a glimpse of old Saint Nick before Christmas!

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Our Journey: An Art Map of Canadian Identity @ Spadina Museum // 285 Spadina Rd. - Ends Dec. 31

This exhibit in Spadina Museum is a great idea if you are looking for something cool and free to do, and with the free admisison into the museum until November 30th, you won't have to pay to scope out the rest of the museum either- score!

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Visit the AGO on a Wednesday from 6-8pm for free admission! 

The AGO on a Wednesday is always a safe bet if you are an art junkie looking for some inspiration or serenity but can't afford to pay full price admission every time you want to go. So make sure to plan your visits so that you can get free admission every time you go!

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Free Things To Do November 24-30 

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Markham Annual Festival of Lights // November 24th 

If you love Christmas then there is probably no such thing as too many tree lightings, light festivals or Christmas markets. Lucky for you, this annual festival in Markham is another holiday lights event you can add to your list!

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Enjoy some insane people watching at the Eaton Centre on Black Friday // November 24th 

While the Black Friday deals may be appealing, it's probably better to avoid the crowds and stampedes that appear on the universal sale day. Though, it definitely won't cost you anything to watch everything go down!

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Cavalcade of Lights // November 25th 

Of course, it wouldn't be right if you didn't go to the biggest tree lighting in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square! From live performances to the tree lighting and post-lighting fireworks, the Cavalcade of Lights is an iconic Toronto Christmas experience you need to take in at least once in your life!

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Go skating at Nathan Phillips Square 

Whether you go after taking in the Cavalcade Lights or opt for a less busy time, once the ice rink is open at Nathan Phillips Square, it's a perfect free activity to burn some time. Whether you are taking a date or playing some shinny, it's practically foolproof!

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Check out one of these free galleries! 

If you love art but AGO Wednesdays are getting a little old, look no further than the abundance of free galleries you can check out and get inspired by free of charge!

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The Faraway From Nearby: Photo Gallery @ Ryerson Image Centre //  Sept. 13-Dec. 10

Another free gallery happening in the city this November is taking place on Ryerson's campus at the Image Centre. From now until December 10th you can check out the Faraway From Nearby photo gallery for the perfect inspiration as a fellow photographer or just appreciate the photos as a bystander!

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Stay in and binge watch these old holiday classics in preparation for Christmas SZN!

If the cold is getting to you and you just want to have a fun night in, look no further than compiling your favourite old holiday classics in the name of a Christmas movie night! It's the perfect way to build the hype for December while also not having to leave the comfort and warmth of your own home!

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Escape the cold and take a journey through Allan Gardens.

If you are a fan of tropical settings but are stuck in the cold and have no money to go on a trip, take a free trip to Allan Gardens. The space will definitely help you forget how chilly it is outside!

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Follow this map to see all of the Christmas light displays in Toronto! 

If you still can't get enough of those Christmas lights, now with all of the displays lit up at this point in the month, you can go on an epic hunt to visit all the cool light displays Toronto has to offer!

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Go Tobogganing at Riverdale Park! 

Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself assuming it will be snowing by late November, but it's pretty likely! If it is snowing by then, look no further than Riverdale Park for all your childhood tobogganing dreams come true!