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40 Thoughts Every U of T Student Has Had At Least Once

The next best thing to Hogwarts, I guess...
40 Thoughts Every U of T Student Has Had At Least Once

If you love UofT, you're lying to yourself. I mean, do you really love it? If you're a first year froshie, I'll allow your sweet naiveté towards the shallow darkness of post-secondary realities. But if your heart still yearns after second semester, you are truly exceptional *claps hands in admiration*. Yes, it's pretty. Yes, having an excessive amount of work makes you feel like Rory Gilmore. And yes, you're proud to go there. But just because it's nice to look at and makes you feel smart doesn't mean you have a stable relationship. Don't forget about all the bad times, the cold professors, impossible amount of work, intolerable pressure etcetera.

Don't get me wrong, it probably doesn't get any easier than this, but every UofT student has thought at least a few of these 40 things.

1. "Can someone please explain the point of Rosi to me."

2. "And while you're at it, teach me how to use Acorn."

3. "10 minutes is not enough to travel between classes!!!!!"

4. "Wearing a UofT sweater is all the school spirit I have."

5. "Everything we know about frosh week is false."

6. "What is a sorority?"

7. "What is a frat?"

8. "Why, oh why, did I not pick St. Mike's as my college?"

9. "You can't take the shortcut to class because there isn't a shortcut to class."

10. "How the hell is my professor supposed to give me a fair mark when he doesn't know my stunning personality?"

11."Don't use your credit/no credit, don't use your credit/no credit, don't use your credit/no credit…"

12. "I will literally pay you to do my breadth requirement."

13. "What's a bird course?"

14. "Even if it were Armageddon, I still have to submit my essay before 8."

15. "I have class at Sid Smith, then at Bader, then at Innis, then at MedSci, and I'm still not fit."

16."If I low key hate rezzies, why am I always there?"

17. "Why can't Nick Mount teach all of my classes?"

18. "You're so lucky you're pretty, UofT."

19. "Hey, want to have a collective cry session at Hart House after the exam?"

20. "I'm going to show up late, in protest!"

21. "I've personally victimized and killed 38 trees just to print this assignment."

22. "Remind me why I go here again."

23. "Let's just take a moment to appreciate Professor Visvis tysm."

24. "Please let me take more seminar courses."

25. "What the fuck is a provost?"

26. "At least Majid Jordan went here."

27. "Every school across the nation has a snow day except mine."

28. "F u f u f u f u f u f u f u f u f u."

29. "K sick I'm to go to BMV instead."

30. "Looks like it's time for my biweekly registrar appointment."

31. "UC is cool and everything, but Woodsworth is totally better."

32. "I'm always down for poutine from the blue truck."

33. "The secret to success is to make friends with the librarians at Robarts."

34. "If she let's us out by 7, want to go to Sephora on Bloor?"

35. "I know the perfect corner at Gerstein to take a nap."

36. "You don't go to UofT because you like it, you go because you got in."

37. "God my TA is so hot… In a pretentious, cable knit sweater kind of way."

38. "Do you think Drake would take first year astronomy?"

39. "Con Hall is the bane of my existence."

40. "…Up until I graduate though."

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