40 Thoughts You Have On Your First Day At Ryerson

#12 How does everyone look so good at 8 in the morning?
40 Thoughts You Have On Your First Day At Ryerson

It's the beginning of a new semester at Ryerson! The sun is shining, the campus is buzzing, and classes are happening. You're excited to see all your friends again, or you're excited to make new ones. You're nervous about whether you're going to like that prof you've never had class with before. As you make your way to Gould Street with your face gleaming in excitement, you begin to think...

1. Yay, back to Rye High!

2. I can't just wear sweats, everyone dresses nice at Ryerson.

3. Do I want to wait in that Tim Hortons line on Victoria?

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4. Nah, I'll just grab Starbucks at the AMC when I get off the subway.

5. Maybe a new hot barista will be working there this semester.

Or that hot barista from last semester will still be there.

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6. I forgot how bad the Starbucks line was during school.

7. I love Toronto, Toronto is so nice.

8. Great, time to get lost in Kerr Hall every time I walk in there.

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9. Ugh, classes in Sally Horsfall.

Why do I have classes here when I'm not even in nursing?

10. It's the first day and I'm already late. Can I blame the TTC?

Let's be real, I'm probably going to be late to every class this semester.

11. Remember when they tried to paint Gould Street gold?

12. How does everyone at Ryerson look so good at 8 in the morning?

How are there so many attractive people on one campus?

13. Look at all these lost-looking Ryerson froshies. So adorable.

14. I wonder how many froshies will get lost in Kerr Hall today.

15. How are the RCC washrooms so disgusting already? It's only the first day???

16. They need to renovate Kerr Hall.

17. And also the Victoria building.

18. I can't wait until Lake Devo becomes a skating rink.

19. Actually no, I hate winter on campus. Walking in the snow, taking the TTC when it's wet and dirty everywhere...

20. Do I really want to line up at the Bookstore to buy all my textbooks?

21. Maybe I'll just wait until it dies down next week.

22. So many places to eat downtown... Where should I go...

23. Chipotle. Yes.

24. Actually, Salad King sounds good.

25. But I only have an hour break, I should get something quicker like Banh Mi Boys.

26. Or McDonald's. It's 20 steps closer than Banh Mi Boys.

27. I definitely need to grab a double double at Timmies before my next class.

28. The Victoria parking garage is in the wrong spot.

Hit me, car. I dare you.

29. Hey people, there's more than one line at Timmies here.

30. Ah, class at the AMC Theatre. I definitely missed this.

31. I love when the escalators at Ted Rogers stop working.

32. The SLC is so great.

33. Let's play a game of spot-the-number-of-people-in-the-SLC-taking-Instagram-pictures.

Well, the blue tiles are pretty.

34. I forgot the SLC escalators took 10 years to come.

That's what she said.

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35. I can't wait to study at the SLC and library until 1 A.M. during exams.

Why aren't they open 24 hours?

36. Thank goodness for student discounts all 'round downtown.

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37. Maybe I'll start going to the MAC this year... Or maybe I won't...

I probably won't.

38. How many days until Reading Week again?

39. I'm so glad Ryerson has two Reading Weeks.

40. Time to go home and do this all over again tomorrow.

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