August is sunflower season here in Toronto! Chances are, your social media feed is filled with gorgeous selfies your friends took with these yellow flowers. Guess what? You don't need to escape the city to take a cute sunflower photo. Instead, head to this spot where you can take the ultimate flower-power photo with 400 sunflowers in Toronto!

In the Distillery District, there's a flower wall installation called Sunflower Sunshine, created by Toronto-based collective Studio Rosenblatt. The bright and dreamy spot is free to visit and is covered with hundreds of sunflowers!

Toronto's Distillery District is known for its super Instagrammable spots, like the one with the giant heart and love locks. Nearby on Casegoods Lane, you can find the sunny pop of over 400 yellow flowers. Passing the wall of flowers, many pedestrians have massive smiles on their faces from seeing the sunflowers.

According to a Distillery District representative, it's become one of the most Instagrammed spots in the District. So if you haven't gone for a selfie at this spot already, make sure to go soon as it's only up until early fall!

Originally, Sunflower Sunshine was only intended to be up for a week, for The Distillery District's Daffodil Weekend to raise money for charity. But it became so popular that the Distillery District decided to keep it up until early fall.

So what are you waiting for? Text your friends and invite them to take some fun pictures with you at Sunflower Sunshine. Because it's free to visit, going to the sunflower wall is one perfect budget-friendly activity to do before summer is over!

Sunflower Sunshine In The Distillery District

Price: Free

When: Until early fall 2019

Address: Case Goods Lane, Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: You can take the ultimate sunflower selfie with 400 sunflowers!