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41 Real Things All Jack Astor's Servers Know To Be True

Just a bunch of shenanigans.

If you work in the service industry, you have probably experienced some pretty insane customer habits and weird restaurant protocols. But have you ever worked at Jack Astor's? It's a whole new level of outrageous. Working at Jacks is unlike working at any other chain restaurant.

From different slang to team service, being a server at Jack Astor's is completely different from serving anywhere else. You always ask for everything "to sell" and you freak out when any item on the menu is 86'd. If you know what I'm talking about then you've probably worked at a Jacks Astor's before. Yes, sometimes working in such a busy chain can be hectic and overwhelming, but it's the Jacks PEEPs that make it worth it.

Here are 41 things all Jack Astor's employees know to be true. How many of these oh-so-memorable Jacks experiences can you relate to?

1. You say "to sell" more often outside of Jacks than when you're actually working.

"Hey, yeah can I get a grande iced coffee to super sell please?" "I need to finish this essay to sell."

2. Tables will camp out at your prime booths for hours on end.

Either buy another Blue Raspberry Lemonade or get out.

3. You yell "Behind!" to people at the grocery store.

Because you don't have time to deal with slow walkers.

4. You get in trouble for arriving at 4:18 p.m. when your shift doesn't start till 4:30 p.m.

If you're not 15 minutes early for your shift you're late.

5. People will ask to switch tables a minimum of three times on the patio.

You get to sit on the patio! You waited this long, just sit down and be happy. Why do you have to move so much and make me transfer your bill a million times.

6. OTLE doesn't actually mean Option To Leave Early.

When you're cut, you run out of there as fast as humanly possible. Yes, I would most definitely like to leave early if I can.

7. Every shift someone will ask to take a picture of the back of your shirt.

The sayings aren't even that funny. And no I don't want you to have a picture of my backside saved on your phone.

8. You always leave work feeling like you ran a marathon.

There's never anytime for water. Plus, you know someone will take your cup to dish if you leave it at a side station.

9. Tables of six or more will most likely ask you to split their bill 10 different ways.

But there are only six of you! How is this even possible!

10. When a walk-in of 20 comes in at 1:30 a.m. on a Monday night...

Why are you here right now?! Go home so I can go home.

11. People will seat themselves in cocktail.

And of course they will sit at the only dirty table in the entire restaurant.

12. And they will 100 per cent complain that the table is dirty and that they don't have menus.

Well maybe if you didn't self-seat we could have avoided this whole situation.

13. When you introduce yourself, said guests will proceed to ask if it's your real name.

This is serving, not stripping - we don't have different names we go by.

14. When you ask if they want their beer jacked up and they assume it's adding a shot of Jack Daniels to the beer.

And they will probably cut you off when you try to explain. Hmm, you're loss, guess you'll never know what it means now.

15. Peoplemetrics are the most hated thing by all Jack Astor's servers.

And you want to light the iPads on fire.

16. Squirrel will pose new challenges for you each day.

It is the most confusing service system out there.

17. Every one of your tables will ask for a side of mayo after they get their meals.

You know mayo doesn't automatically come with the fries! C'mon!

18. Except if your table is on the patio - then they will take the bottle of sunscreen and put it on their dinner, thinking it's mayo.

Please ignore the big label on the bottle that says "SUNSCREEN."

19. After you bring them the mayo, they will also ask for a side of ranch.

Why didn't you ask for this before? Please combine your demands into a single request so we aren't running a hundred times back and forth across the restaurant.

20. Guests in cocktail will ask if they can have table paper and crayons.

Are you 4-years-old? Do you want to order off the kids meal as well? Maybe you should have sat in the dining room if you wanted to colour.

21. Your coworkers are actually pretty awesome.

You are definitely not 86 friends at Jacks.

22. Jackmares are a real thing and you have them after every close.

Jack Astor's nightmares - the most terrifying nightmares of all.

23. You use the term "86" in your daily life and think everyone knows what you're talking about.

"Mom, I'm 86 socks can you do some laundry today?" "I'm 86 cups of coffee right now and it's not okay." "86 your attitude because I'm not dealing with it."

24. The first question your tables will ask is what the drink special for the day is.

But your location doesn't have drink specials.

25. Loose roll-ups are the bane of your existence.

Learn how to do a proper roll-up or leave! It should be a job requirement at Jacks.

26. You will start to flair everything you touch - not just drinks.

"Cloth flair!" "Pepper flair!" Debit flair! Oops, that one was a bad idea."

27. You were at Jacks when the coloured patio shirts were a thing.

Mint green was such a great idea for a work shirt... I love when guests can see my sweat stains.

28. Guests will hit on you in the most awkward and uncomfortable ways.

Just no. I want a good tip, not your phone number.

29. People will always ask you to charge their phone.

This is a restaurant - not a charging station.

30. People will ask you for items that are no longer on the menu.

If it's not on the menu, we don't have it. No, we cannot just magically make it for you.

31. People will always show up right when the restaurant opens and ask for a breakfast menu.

The sign says "Bar & Grill" - this is not a brunch spot.

32. That feeling when a guest asks you how much something costs while they're looking at the menu.

Umm? $14.96? Like it says right there where you're looking?

33. Then they are surprised at how expensive the bill is and proceed to tip you in cents.

Thank you for the 35 cents sir, I hope you don't have a good day.

34. Or they'll tip you in TTC tokens, Swiss Chalet coupons or m&m's.

Yes, I received all of the above for my service. And yes, I ate the m&m's.

35. Guests will ask to borrow you pens and never return them.

Except you need to have six pens in your pouch at all times so this makes things difficult.

36. You will get in trouble if you aren't wearing a watch.

You will either have to go home and get it or go buy another - it's that serious.

37. Guests won't understand the concept of team service and will ask why you have a full tray of drinks without their's on it.

Okay, that isn't how Jacks works buddy. Relax, you're drink is coming on a different tray.

38. There's always that one table that thinks you don't see them and will flag you down with both hands.

What, are you trying to help land an airplane? Yes, I see you and yes, I'm ignoring you now.

39. When you start talking to a table and they ignore you and continue their conversation.

Okay, that was the one and only chance to place your order. I'm never ever coming back.

40. That feeling when the kitchen and the bar are both calling for hands.

A server only have two hands guys - yet expo will still try to hand you five plates of food.

41. Sometimes serving can actually be the worst, but working at Jack Astor's makes it a little better.

My PEEPs got me feeling some type of way.

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