1. Go early to avoid the line? Lol, no.

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2. Let’s aim for 12. The line shouldn’t be too long.

3. Shit, the line is huge. Do you see anybody we know?

4. Let me just chat up the bouncer and see if he thinks I’m hot enough to let us cut the line…


5. Nope.

6. Let me just chat up the other bouncer and see if he thinks I’m nice enough to let us cut the line…


7. Nope.

8. LOOK! FRIENDS! And they’re close to the front. Let’s make this a swift butt.


9. Shit, we lost Becky. She better not throw us under the bus now that she’s caught.

10. The people behind us are mad. Just ignore them and they’ll go away…

11. We’re at the front! Almost in.

12. Shit, Becky is really drunk. Don’t make eye contact.

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13. We’re in! Only took 45 minutes! Let’s do this.


14. Oh no way, Sweet Caroline!

15. Wonderwall, my fave! So maybayyyyy, you’re gonna be the one that saves mayyyyyy..

16. Look, it’s that guy from 1 Girl 5 Gays. Local celeb scouting!

17. Look, it’s that solo creepy grandpa on the dance floor again!

18. Dance with himmmmm, it’ll be jokesssss!

19. It’s really hot in here, I’m gonna go stand in front of the fan for a bit. BRB.

20. Might as well get another Corona & lime.

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21. I have to piss like a racehorse.

22. Omg the girls in the bathroom were sooooo nice!

23. Becky! You got in!…

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24. Why are there so many Irish tourists here? Or is this guy fucking with me…

25. His accent sounds legit, whatevs

26. Wait, this Irishman is wearing a graphic tee to the bar. GTG.

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27. Gotta get my groove on, where my squad at?

28. TINA! Get off the bar! We can see your Britney!

29. Omg, Jett – Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Great tune!

30. The Killers – Mr. Brightside???? FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!

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31. Good times

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32. Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots Shots…

33. Ew Graphic Tee is following meeee

34. Is it always this PACKED in here?

35. Oh no, my ex at 12 O’Clock

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36. He’s gained a lot of weight lol

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37. Probably from stress-eating cause he’s sad about me lol

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39. Okay I’m not feeling this music anymore.

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40. Okay Becky seriously leave me alone I don’t want to go to the bathroom with you every 5 minutes.

41. uughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

42. I fucking have to work in the morning

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43. I’m hungry. Who’s down for Hooters?

44. Let’s gtfo, OVER IT. BYE GRACIE’S!!

45. Sry Becky, cab’s full.

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