49 Thoughts Every Guy Has During Sex

Fvck I forgot to take my socks off.
49 Thoughts Every Guy Has During Sex

How often do you wonder what the guy you're having sex with is thinking about while in action? Girls are more concerned about how they look, while a man is more likely to have more sexual thoughts run through his mind.

It's hard to blank out and think about absolutely nothing when you're doing it. There are certain things we're ok with sharing with the opposite sex, but there are some other thoughts we prefer to keep to ourselves. To understand the male kind a little better, take these 49 thoughts every guy has during sex into consideration:

1. Cardio,cardio,cardio.

2. Cramp,cramp,cramp - fvck.

3. All this pumping I think I'm going to fart.

4. I'm about to explode and it's been like 2 minutes... fvck.

5. Why does she keep looking back, am I doing something wrong?

6. Ok got to stay up, keep it up.

7. I wonder what her fetish is...

8. If I eat it up with my eyes open is that weird?

9. How long do I stay down here?

10. I'm a giver, but I'll gladly take.

11. Does that face mean she likes it or...

12. She's saying to slap her, but the question is where?

13. Am I pulling her hair too hard?

14.What does she means by harder and faster... I'm already going as fast as I can.

15. Is this magnum too big or am I not putting this thing on right.

16. A minute ago she was screaming and now she's silent... What's going on?

17. Fvck I forgot to shower.

18. Omg do my balls smell?

19. Can I slip it in the back?

20. That ass is PERFECT. Can I just hold onto it forever?

21. I'm so hungry I wonder what's in the fridge.

22. Concentrate, concentrate.

23. Can I eat her bum?

24. Was that a real orgasm or did she just fake it?

25. The twins need some action. How do I ask her to put them in her mouth?

26. Fvck I forgot to take my socks off.

27. Ugh is she on the pill?

28. I wonder if she's ok with  _____.

29. Ou where did she learn how to do that?

30. Did I just hit a bone?

31. Are we both going to ignore that queff?

32. Her feet look too good... If I asked her to lick them would she think that's weird?

33. My legs are giving out, does she want to get on top? Or am I asking for too much?

34. Maybe I should just flip her.

35. Is she enjoying it?

36. Am I making a stupid face?

37. No this position isn't working. Should have stayed with the last one fvck.

38. Ok, common buddy. Stay in there while we switch positions.

39. Umma marry this bitch.

40. Try not to cum yet.

41. Did I eat enough pineapple?

42. I wonder if she can see me watching the game from the reflection in the mirror.

43. Oh please don't break my penis.

44. Stop digging your nails into my back woman.

45. She's totally ok with the lights on. YES!

46. Those hips don't lie girl and I have something to hold on to.

47. Get on top so I can see those boobs bounce up and down, up and down.

48. Ok I think we're done here.

49. Is it appropriate to give a high five now?

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