It’s a first date. Or a second date. Or a third. It really doesn’t matter, because here’s the point: just about any date can be a knockout success. So whether you met your date through a deftly executed right-swiping motion, through a matchmaking agency, or just by exchanging glances (and numbers) in line at the cafe, you’re going to want your Toronto date to be a little dazzled.

That’s all another way of saying this:

So, in support of this notion

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1. Graffiti Alley // 753 Queen St W

Some of the most expletive-laden comments (“Holy F***, that’s awesome!”) may emerge during a stroll through Graffiti Alley. Located in downtown Toronto in the Fashion District, Graffiti Alley is where you’ll find some of the world’s most eye-popping street art. I won’t pull any punches here: if your date is the artsy type and/or a rebel-without-a-cause type, this will be a rather enjoyable experience for both of you. Running for about a kilometre in length, the walls of Graffiti Alley will likely evoke all sorts of emotion in you. Or maybe not. Either way, here’s a tip: to really impress your date, read up a bit on Toronto’s local graffiti artists – so you can talk all about their art with your date.

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 2. The Rectory Cafe // 102 Lakeshore Rd

Hop on a ferry to Wards Island

Probably not a bad idea to reserve a table in advance, if you can.

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3. Art Gallery of Ontario // 317 Dundas St W

The story of a great romance begins with an excursion to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Well, at least, I’m sure some romances have begun that way. The Art Gallery of Ontario is the perfect destination for a sophisticated-and-charming first date. With your arm around your paramour, you’ll stand witness to masterpieces by Monet and Van Gogh, funky pop art, and miniature boxwood carvings.

Plus, if you need another excuse

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4. Reservoir Lounge // 52 Wellington St

Dance the nig

ht away with your date

What makes the Reservoir Lounge

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5. The Path // Multiple Locations

Maybe you’re one of those people

But for the rest of us

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