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The 5 Cheeses Made In Canada You Should Try Before You Die

There's a little something for everyone.
The 5 Cheeses Made In Canada You Should Try Before You Die

Like wine? LOVE cheese? Of course you do. They're just two of the finer things in life, and when combined together, you truly do have a match made in heaven. And we’re lucky, because we just so happen to have some insane cheese made right here in Canada, and if you haven’t tried them before, well here’s your chance.

Putting 5 of our very own Canadian cheeses in the spotlight, we came up with some great wine pairings you can use the next time you want to impress your friends, or are just craving a gourmet treat.

So without further delay, it’s time to get cheesy!

1. Pinot Grigio // Organic Feta

Handmade in small batches, with a bright and tangy finish on the palate, combine some delicious Happy Days Organic Feta with a fresh Pinot Grigio for a perfect sunny day picnic or laid-back evening with friends. The grassy notes and salty finish complement the dry white, and taste great with green apples, cubes of melon, or a zesty guacamole!

2. Chianti // Aged Cheddar

When you're in the mood for a little Chianti, go for a full-flavoured Aged Cheddar like the 2- or 4-year old Doyer from Perron. Authentically Quebec, Cheddar Perron has used the same recipe since 1865. Its firm yet crumbly texture will melt in your mouth, while the hazelnut aroma blends nicely with fruity reds, apple ciders, and is ideal for melting.

3. Sparkling Wine // Brie

There is something so right about a good sparkling wine and a nice side of melty Brie. Try the naturally-ripened Farm House Brie, handmade using traditional methods, for its soft and bloomy rind and slight truffle aroma that pairs beautifully with dry whites or fruit such as figs and kiwis.

4. Rosé // Monterey Jack

Easy to drink and extremely versatile, a chilled dry rosé is pretty much the quintessential summer wine. That's why it goes great with a rich and flavourful Monterey Jack. Tipsy Jill, made by Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, comes from Vancouver Island, and is just the right choice for almost any occasion, much like that glass of rosé!

5.  Pinot Noir// Blue Cheese

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For you true connoisseurs (or you Kimmy Schmidt fans), you already know that Pinot Noir is literally like fine wine. So pair it up with something equally as sophisticated like a quality Blue Cheese. Often referred to as the "beginner's Blue", try the exceptionally creamy, Camembert-style Naramata Bench Blue, it only has blue on the rind if you are not quite that adventurous yet. Mild-flavoured, buttery, and slightly salty, it's goes great with light-bodied, fortified ciders, and fruit-based breads and jams.

Made from 100% Canadian milk, we have access some of the purest, freshest and best quality cheese in the world.Whether you’re wandering the ancient forests of B.C. or the briny shores of P.E.I., you’ll be able to find tons of great cheeses and authentic Canadian products.

Paired with the right wine (or a tasty baguette!), you have the perfect snack! Even better, you can feel good about supporting local cheesemakers and farmers.

For a full repertoire of Canadian cheeses, as well as an extensive selection of tasty pairings and recipes, check out the All You Need Is Cheese's website and Facebook page.

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