Have nothing to eat at home (or you’re just too lazy to cook) and you’re broke? Or maybe you’re just trying to save some money and not spend a fortune on food like you always do.. . Whatever the case, Toronto has got your back! Here a few places to grab some grub without breaking the bank:

Photo cred- Kitch Bar

1. Kitch //229 Geary Avenue

Kitch is great for those late night eats when you’re starving and don’t know what to eat. Not only do they offer a $5 menu with decent portions (I couldn’t believe my eyes either); they also have movie and trivia nights. How fun! The place is open from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.


Photo cred- Warehouse Group BC

2. El Furniture Warehouse //410 Bloor Street West

With a $4.95 menu, El Furniture is basically a paradise for broke college students, or anyone who wants to save a buck. And in true Torontonian taco-loving fashion, they have a taco Tuesday, where they go for only 95 cents each.


Photo cred- Come and Get it!

3. Come and Get It //676 Queen Street West

Not really that hungry but need something to snack on? Come and Get It is the perfect spot for you. Try different flavours like chipotle short rib, Hawaiian pork belly or coconut shrimp in different forms like in bite size ($3.50) or as a slider ($4.75).


Photo cred- Barton Snacks

4. Barton Snacks //1120 Queen Street West

When your stomach calls for tacos you need to answer it. Jerk pulled pork, beef brisket and Cajun chicken tacos, if these all sounds good to you can have two for only $8 at Barton.


Photo cred- Salad King

5. Salad King //340 Yonge Street

Don’t let the name mislead you; this place has a variety of food from meat dishes to Thai noodles to Thai salad. They even offer home-made curry dishes with rice. Everything on the menu is under $10 and they get bonus points for delivering.