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5 Of The Best Burrito Spots in Toronto

Your burrito prayers have been answered.

Whether you're late to the burrito party, or a self-proclaimed burrito god(dess), having a go-to list for the city's finest foil-wrapped pieces of heaven, will prove helpful.

While some of these burrito havens aren't exclusive to "the six", most (if not all) did in fact start out here. And for those who only seem to get hungry once the sun goes down, some of these spots are open late. Like, really late.

So, here's a list of where the best burritos in Toronto can be found.

* = open late

Photo cred – Nicholas Chen

Fat Bastard Burrito *

(multiple Toronto locations)

With over 10 Toronto locations alone, Fat Bastard Burrito will probably change your life with its unique add ons. Think: ramen noodles and crispy tortilla chips – both are fine on their own, but in a burrito, it's heavenly. It's almost impossible not to go back.

Photo cred – Carbzombie

Burrito Boyz *

(multiple Toronto locations)

Infamous for its multiple convenient locations (one of which is directly across from a Fat Bastard Burrito location...so good luck making that choice), Burrito Boyz is a staple in the (unofficial, also non-existent) Toronto Burrito Bible. It's a must for burrito veterans and newbies alike. Don't believe us? Check out their awards.

Photo cred – Gourmet Gringos / blurdesignstudios

Gourmet Gringos

(multiple Toronto locations)

What first began as a food truck one could stumble upon at festivals, has now evolved into multiple locations across the city...and beyond. While their specialty is fish tacos, their burrito game is undeniably strong.

Burrito Bandidos*

(multiple Toronto locations)

They call themselves the "birthplace of Toronto's Best Burrito" and they certainly didn't lie – they are totally among the best in the city, and arguably the Toronto Burrito OGs. Their first location on Peter Street opened in 2003, and they've been killing it ever since – at all four locations.

And if years of burrito-slaying experience isn't enough, the Peter Street location is open til 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Photo cred - Z-Teca


(multiple Toronto locations)

Let's just call this place the Canadian equivalent of Chipotle. Z-teca is an all-Canadian company that prides themselves on being able to offer not just an awesome burrito, but a healthy one, too.