There you go, rocking your favorite snapback & poke-gear; decided to go hunting for some raries & conquer gyms in the name of Valor, Instinct or Mystic! That Pincir is right around the corner, you’re about to use your last Great Ball on it when it happens… Your battery died. You scramble through your backpack, you were sure you brought that portable charger! But, all you have is your wall plug. No need to panic too much, trainer! Luckily for you, we gotcha covered. Here’s a list of 5 Pokemon Go-friendly cafes you can visit to charge up; maybe even set a lure or two & stock up on potions.

Photo cred- @earlybirdbrew

1. Early Bird Espresso And Brew Bar // 613 Queen St W

Located right in the hippest area of Toronto, between countless pokestops and rival gyms, is this little café. Early Bird is the perfect spot to charge up after wandering off the outskirts of downtown Toronto before heading right back in!

2. Full Stop // 2948 Dundas St W

Located a few egg-hatches away from this little caffeinated heaven is High Park, offering a ton of water-types (including Magikarp), grass-types and so forth. Charge up your minds & phones, then keep hunting! That Gyarados grind ain’t gonna do itself.

Photo cred- @secondcupcanada

3. Second Cup // CF Toronto's Eaton's Center

The absolute biggest cluster of pokestops and gyms in Toronto completely engulfs downtown Toronto; mainly the Eaton Centre & Dundas Square. Get ready to face hordes Drowzees & Rattatas, because what better place is there to buckle down and power level with some lures than the heart of it all?

Photo cred- @whitoid

4. Crafted By Te Aro // 135 Ossington Ave

Need a quick spot in Western Toronto to get right back into battle? This trendy little spot offers unique coffee blends alongside plenty of available plugs to stay in touch with your fellow teammates before meeting up with them to take down the nearest rival gym. (FOR VALOR!!!)

Photo cred- The Good Neighbour

5. The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar // 238 Annette St

All the joys of a high-profile pokestop location with all the beauty and simplicity of a mom & pop-run café, unwind with a full incense after nearly losing the last of your battery with deliciously brewed coffee and plenty of available outlets.

Alright, Trainer! Now that you’re all charged up, it’s time to get back out there and be the very best, like no one ever was! (& don’t forget to pack your portable battery next hunt).