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5 Reasons Why Toronto Is The Best Place For Creative Students

You've always been a creative person. You were never really into math or science in high school (or maybe you were), but you had to take them because they were mandatory courses. Writer's craft, communication technology, visual arts, and photography were more your "thing". While your friends wanted to be doctors and lawyers and business executives, you wanted a career where you could express yourself and let your creative juices flow. You wanted to create. You decided to follow your dreams and pursue your passions.

Now you've arrived at a post-secondary institution to study the program of your dreams, and you love every single moment of it. Hands-on work? Count me in. Creating my own designs? Heck yeah. You wake up every single day excited and inspired with new ideas. You're glad you decided to pursue something you enjoy rather than a "stable" career.

There's a broad range of industries within the creative field. Whether you're into visual arts, fashion, journalism, film, or photography, Toronto is a wonderful place full of great opportunities and connections. Here are reasons why Toronto is the perfect place for you, a creative student.

1. Prestigious programs at different colleges and universities

We've got some pretty prestigious creative programs at our colleges and universities in Toronto. Ryerson's well-known for their communication and design programs including Fashion, Interior Design, Journalism, and Media Production. OCAD has many great programs from Advertising to Drawing & Painting to Photography. York has programs such as Theatre, Dance, and Film. U of T has Cinema Studies and Journalism. George Brown has programs like Game Development, Graphic Design, and Fashion. Seneca has programs like Animation and Independent Music Production. Humber has programs like Radio Broadcasting and Photography. Pretty top notch!

2. All the amazing opportunities

Toronto is a big city filled with tons of great opportunities for all kinds of students. From volunteer work to internships to actual jobs, there are plenty of amazing opportunities here in Toronto for creative students. Many schools have their own newspapers, radio stations, and student-run blogs that you can volunteer for, and they're great ways to get beginner experience in your field.

There are all kinds of opportunities catered to your different interests. If you're interested in film and television, you can apply to volunteer at TIFF or Rogers TV. If you're interested in photography, you can contact certain people to do freelance photography at concerts and events. If you're interested in writing, start your own blog and write about your experiences around the city. Apply for lots of internships, they'll help you out in the long run by giving you experience and possible connections. Also, don't be afraid to apply for internships, even if you don't think you'll get it. If you don't try, you'll never know!

3. Plenty of chances to meet people and make connections

In a city as big and friendly as Toronto, you're going to make so many friends. As long as you put yourself out there and make an effort, of course. The creative field is all about who you know as much as what you know. It sucks, but that's the reality of it.

Go to different events around the city catered to your field so you can meet people and network. Don't shy away from talking to people and making friends! Befriend people in your program and faculty. One day, you might need help from one another or they might even be able to help get you a job. Remember not to burn any bridges!

4. Endless inspiration everywhere you go

Something is always happening in Toronto, and there's inspiration everywhere for you. Whether it's beautiful people you're inspired by, or just the hustle and bustle of the city itself, you can be sure to get inspiration anywhere.

Go to events catered to what you're interested in. If you love fashion, check out Ryerson's Mass Exodus. If you love film, check out films at TIFF, and visit the festival in September. If you love art, go to Nuit Blanche, different exhibits, and art shows across the city. The latest and greatest is the Andy Warhol: Revisited exhibition. Going to different events and seeing other people's work will inspire you in your own work!

5. Toronto culture itself

You can't be confined to a dormitory room inside a university in the middle of nowhere. The busy atmosphere of Toronto goes with your creative personality. Your Instagram depends on being in a city like Toronto. Your life isn't just studying and doing readings – it's being creative and always coming up with new ideas! Coming from a current media student living in Toronto, life would be pretty boring if it didn't involve the joys and excitement of this city. Whether you're currently studying a creative program or you're planning on studying a creative program, Toronto is the city you need to be in.

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