A recent report claimed that travelling to places in Canada was more expensive than travelling to various destinations in the United States. For Canadians, that seems almost borderline criminal; for them to have to pay more to see places within their own homeland.

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However, with some persistence and a bit of luck, cheap flights to great destinations around Canada can still be found. Here are a few of them that cost $350 and under, departing from Toronto:

Toronto to Halifax

Price: $221

Airline: WestJet

Outbound: Wed, Apr 5

Return: Tue, Apr 11

Toronto to Winnipeg

Price: $346

Airline: Air Canada

Outbound: Sat, Apr 8

Return: Thu, Apr 13

Toronto to Moncton

Price: $257

Airline: Porter

Outbound: Fri, Apr 7

Return: Wed, Apr 12

Toronto to Quebec City

Price: $279

Airline: Porter

Outbound: Thu, Apr 6

Return: Thu, Apr 13

Toronto to Montreal

Price: $208

Airline: Air Transat

Outbound: Sun, Apr 16

Return: Wed, Apr 26

BONUS: Toronto to Saskatoon

Price: $388

Airline: Air Canada

Outbound: Thu, Apr 11

Return: Sat, Apr 15

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