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5 Surreal Hot Springs In Canada

It's time to relax.

Natural Hot Springs have the ability to relax your muscles and nurture skin. There are several hot springs around Canada that are 100% produced by geothermal heated ground water that rises from the Earth's crust. If you're planning a trip across Canada, you should defiantly take the time to check out these 5 surreal hot springs:

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1. Clayoquot Sound ( Hot Springs Cove) // British Columbia

This natural gem in Clayoquot Sound, is located about an hour away from Tofino, B.C. The forestry view is breathtaking from the boat dock to the hot springs. The geothermal water flows out at 50 C, than continues its way through a waterfall to the ocean. You'll have a magical experience like no other by laying in the natural water between natural rocks and caves.

2. Ainsworth Hot Springs // Ainsworth, British Columbia. 

These hot springs are located in a village near by Kootaney Lake. The Ainsworth Hot Springs features a 150 foot horseshoe limestone cave with mineral water flowing from the roof of the cave, creating a natural steam bath.

3. Banff Upper Hot Springs // Banff, Alberta.

A 100% natural mineral water flows at the Banff Upper Hot Springs. It's located 5,200 feet above sea level and is at 1,585 meters of elevation, making it the highest in Canada. The alpine views compliment the experience and the springs were recognized as ultimate healing spot for natives. In 1883 the springs were discovered by the Canadian Pacific Railway workers and in 1932 the Upper Bathhouse (man made) was opened. Take a soak in the natural steamy water to relax to muscles and nurture your skin.

Photo cred - @heartofbc

4. Keyhole Hot Springs // Pebble Creek, British Columbia

Keyhole Hot Springs is located approximately 100 miles from Whistler. The cliffside springs have ideal stone adjusted tubs, providing a spectacular view of Keyhole Lake, the falls and mountains.

5. Takhini Hot Springs // Whitehorse, Yukon.

Takhini Hot Springs water runs from the earth to the surface at the rate of 385 litres. The natural water temperature is 46.5 C and can cool down to 42 C from the flow.

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