It's that wonderful time of year where no one is ready to admit summer is almost over, but that's okay because we have an excuse to indulge in savoury dishes in one of Canada's largest FREE street festival. The 22nd Annual Krinos Taste of the Danforth is back this August 7th to 9th along Danforth Avenue and here is a list of things you can do this weekend, alongside going into a food coma from the overconsumption of souvlaki!

1. Help Set A Guinness World Record

This year you can help set the record for 'most people to eat an olive in 8 hours'. All you have to do is eat an olive. "Olives well that ends well!"

2. Let Your Body Move To The Rhythm Of The Danforth

There's a long itinerary of the various shows held between two stages. Lose some calories laughing to improv comedy or dance to your choice of Brazilian music, folk rock, acoustic, Cuban music, Egyptian belly dancing, tap and much, much more.

Photo via Messini

3. Endless Foodgasams

Do I need to explain myself after you saw the picture of a Gyro? I'll do it anyways because my mouth is watering and I need to vent about how delicious it is. If you can make a dish that incorporates pita, meat, Tzatziki and fries, well then you've got the perfect sandwich! (And yes, it is a sandwich not a taco!! Say otherwise and I can guarantee that you're upsetting a Greek hottie somewhere).

And for a VERY, VERY sweet ending, try the Loukoumades. A pastry that consists of fried dough and honey. If you can't pronounce the name, no worries, just do what I do and call it the sweet food-gasam by a Greek!

4. Play Some Sports

Challenge yourself to some activities from Toronto's Maple Leafs, Raptors, the Argos and the Toronto FC. It's a well known secret that your chances of bumping into a Toronto sports hero is very likely!

5. Try To Win A Free Trip to Greece

There are numerous opportunities to win at least 5 different trips to Greece and Montego Bay. Fill out surveys and eat olives for a chance to spend an all paid for 7 nights in Athens!! See you there..on the Danforth (for now) I mean.