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5 Things You Can Get At Wazo Furniture To Make Your Toronto Apartment Feel Like Home

Bring your home-decor Pinterest board to life.
5 Things You Can Get At Wazo Furniture To Make Your Toronto Apartment Feel Like Home

Making a home for yourself in a city as big as Toronto goes beyond finding the perfect space in the perfect neighborhood. After all, an apartment isn't your own until you furnish it to your liking - am I right or am I right? If you’ve been on the hunt for a way to upgrade your digs' style without breaking the bank, then good news: Wazo Furniture has officially opened up their location in Toronto!

If you weren’t already aware, Wazo is a Canadian-wide furniture haven that offers beautiful, high-end pieces at super affordable prices. Going for a "luxury-for-less" look? Wazo is sure to fulfill all of your modern-century deco desires.

Whether you’ve been searching for the perfect side table on which to rest your glass of wine, or you're in the market for a statement piece that’ll make all your guests say, “Whoa, where’d you get that?!” then consider Wazo your new favourite place to find the ultimate home furnishings.

In case you’re in need of some inspiration, we've listed some of our top picks from Wazo’s extensive home collection. Take a look, and if you end up buying more than one piece, rest assured – you’re not alone. Their furniture is simply irresistible!

1. Bar Stools

Via Wazo Furniture

Let's be real: Adding bar stoolsto your home bar elevates a simple bachelor pad to a sophisticated hangout in a jiffy; this cute cocktail nook is sure to be cherished by you and guests alike. Whether your goal is to create an inviting pre-pub ambiance for friends or a spot where you can sit and enjoy your own amenities and mixology skills, bar stools are arguably one of the most underrated furniture pieces out there. They’re also pretty versatile and can double as dining chairs when required. But, ultimately, we all know that they’re best enjoyed when sipping a sweet mixed drink, shaken up at the most convenient local bar: your kitchen.

2. Storage

Via Wazo Furniture

If there's one universal truth in Toronto, it’s that apartment storage space is likely to be incredibly limited. Luckily enough, Wazo's got you covered on that front. Providing crafty yet elegant storage solutions for even the tightest of spaces, you’ll fall in love with their storage fixes for areas of every size. Not only are these fixtures sure to meet the aesthetic standards of your home-decor dreams, but they’ll actually, y’know, be practical and accommodate all of your stuff. One of my personal favs is the PALMA Mid Century Dresser. It can house all of your shirts folded à la KonMari, plus its gorgeous geometric design adds a touch of post-modern personality to your room.

3. Beds

Sweet dreams are made of these... beds. Wazo offers only the comfiest, highest-quality sleeping options that’ll make you look forward to coming home and collapsing into bed at the end of a long day. Fed up of sleeping on the spare bed frame you inherited from your grandparents? Look no further for your upgrade. We personally love the EVAN Poplar Wood Bed – there's just something about its light walnut finish and minimalist bronze details that speak to our inner nappers. No matter which bed you choose, Wazo’s designs will have you drifting off into the beautiful abyss in no time.

4. Chairs

Via Wazo Furniture

What's a home without comfy, gorgeous chairs to sit on and rest your tired legs? If you’ve been contemplating purchasing some envy-inducing seats for yourself and guests to perch upon, then you’ll absolutely swoon over some of Wazo’s seating selections. Their choice of post-modern chaises are truly what any interior decorator could ever desire in their own home setting.

5. Tables

Via Wazo Furniture

If you’ve been looking for the pièce de résistance to make your house a home, Wazo’s table selection is a must. Their beautifully crafted live, natural-edge wood tables are sure to win you over with their timeless aesthetic. For example, their stunning Live Edge Suar Table is a chic, sleek reimagination of your childhood picnic table. Now that's some nostalgia we can get behind! These tables are Wazo’s specialty pieces, and they're so much more than your average, run-of-the-mill tables. Seriously - these designs are like a gift from nature itself.

Have something more unique in mind? Wazo’s specialists are more than happy to help bring your creative vision to life. Contact them on Facetime or Skype to discuss which tabletop can be used to create your dream table.

Via Wazo Furniture

Wazo simplifies transforming your Toronto apartment into the ideal home space you’ve always longed for! After all, there's nothing better than heading to your pad after a long day – especially when it feels like an oasis in the middle of a busy city. As if it could get any more convenient, Wazo Furniture delivers to homes in the GTA and throughout Canada, making the delivery process a piece of cake!

Wazo Furniture Toronto is located at 140 Wendell Avenue, Unit 1, North York. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their website to get more home-decor updates!