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With summer just around the corner, many of us are thinking about one major wardrobe change. No, it's not breaking out last season's shorts, digging out those crop tops or even buying a whole new set of brightly coloured clothes. When the sun comes out, most of us are longing to colour our hair.

Unfortunately, those of us who do think like that are no stranger to the salon chair. We've gone colour-obsessed: Lightening, highlighting, retexturizing and toning our hair over and over. We also don't know how to put the straightening iron down, and our damaged locks are paying for it.

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Luckily, the GTA and downtown Toronto are teeming with established salons that bring us nothing but the best when it comes to hair care, and hairstylists that are constantly redefining #hairgoals. If you're looking to try out a different colour but don't want to be faced with the dreaded reality of spinning around in the hairdresser's chair and fighting off tears because your over-processed, damaged locks are way worse off than they were before you walked in, then you're going to want to try one of these four salons. 

Along with all being a short drive from Toronto, they all have one thing in common: They can all dye your hair without damaging it. These super talented salons can all help you achieve your hair dreams:

Bogart’s Hair

Where: Eastbridge Plaza, 370 Eastbridge Blvd // Waterloo

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Bogart's hair stylists are some of the most highly trained professionals within the Waterloo Region. They're famous for their special care in colour and highlighting services, so you know your locks are in good hands here. Their master colourists use the best products to help you achieve ultimate #hairgoals, and if your hair is already incredibly damaged, you'll be happy to know the salon uses a new, game-changing repair system called Re-Bond, by MATRIX, to reconstruct damaged locks at the deepest level - actually repairing the structural bonds that are destroyed during chemical services.

The system is packed with an unprecedented amount of active ingredients (citric acid, maleic acid, taurine) to help fortify weakened, over-processed hair. Bogart's also offer hair extensions, eyebrow tinting, curly hair services and facial waxing if you're looking to get the most out of your appointment.

Sharp Image

Where: 190 Memorial Ave // Orillia

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If you're looking for an all-in-one salon, Sharp Image is it. This trendsetting professional salon is also a spa and provides sit-back-and-relax services like manicures and pedicures, facials, waxing, gel nails and lash extensions.

Its colouring team provides a long list of services that also uses The Re-Bond, making sure your over-processed hair is left revitalized, repaired, strong, smooth and manageable after dying.

Valentini Hair Design

Where: 259 Woolwich St // Guelph

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These guys offer clients a complete selection of professional salon services and can take your hair from drab to fab in one sitting - just look at their Instagram! Valentini uses the finest hair care products and even has some for sale if you want to take the salon look home.

They partner with industry leaders like Matrix to ensure you can push your hair to the limits of colour without damaging it. And if you're someone who always wants the latest in hair colour, the salon also uses The Re-Bond to help fortify weakened hair and cleanse, re-connect and seal your locks.

In fact, Valentini specifically recommends the Re-Bond system to clients who need corrective services, as well as extreme colouring, because "it coincides with [their] belief that hair colour is best when the hair is in sublime condition. Healthy hair equals vibrant healthy lustrous colour. Re-Bond really helps fortify hair that is weakened, over-processed and unmanageable. The clients 3 step at home maintenance helps guarantee they will see improvement in all of the above plus improve on the colour retention.”

SG Hair Design

Where: 550 Ontario Street South // Milton

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If you're looking for a professional and experiences spot, look no further than this Milton salon. SG Hair Design constantly goes one step further to deliver awesome results; they're even DevaCurl specialists, which means people with curly hair are safe and sound in their hands!

SG Hair Design also happens to use the Re-Bond system to really make sure their clients' hair is as well taken care of as possible. Oh, and PS: The system is actually pretty affordable compared to similar products on the market, leaving you more money (and peace of mind) for future hair colour changes.

Salon Crave

Where: 95 Eglinton Ave E // Mississauga

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Salon Crave is a full service salon in the heart of Mississauga. The casual environment here makes asking what your looking for less intimidating, and their hairstylists always take the time to sit down and talk with clients to find the best solutions for your hair care concerns. They offer relaxers, perms, and a range of colour options.

The best part? If your hair is extremely damaged from too much dying or too much heat styling, these guys also use The Re-Bond to repair damage from up to 3 previous lightening services. The three step routine (shampoo, pre-conditioner and conditioner) can even be used at home as a daily hair care routine.

But beautifying your hair - and making sure it stays as healthy and strong as ever - doesn't exactly need to stop at the salon. Although you totally should trust your greatest asset (AKA, those gorgeous locks) to the very capable professionals... well, there are certain things you can continue to do once you're on your own.

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Like using quality products to make sure you're not sacrificing your hair's health for looks. MATRIX's Re-Bond 3-step system is one awesome way to make sure your hair's health is always on point... and the good news? Not only can you get this treatment at any of the above mentioned salons, but you can also pick up your very own Re-Bond products online!

Prepare for some seriously beautiful and healthy strands this summer!

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For more information on where you can get your own Re-Bond products, check out MATRIX's website, Instagram and Facebook page!