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5 Types Of Toronto Phone Addicts We All Have In Our Lives

Guaranteed you know each and every one.
5 Types Of Toronto Phone Addicts We All Have In Our Lives

I'm going to go out on a limb, and bet that you know what a cell phone is,. Hell - you're probably reading this on your phone right now. Can you even imagine a world without one!? For better or worse, our trusty handheld devices are now an unavoidable extension to our very beings. Let's face it: we are all obsessed with our phones, just in different ways.

Some of these might hit a little too close to home, but you have no doubt come across each one of these stereotypes at some point in your life, and maybe even today alone. No matter which stereotype you identify with the most, you can avoid the associated pitfalls, with a little help and know-how.

1. The Social Media Addict

This is probably the most common these days, as everyone and their mother is on at least one form of social media platform at any given time. This user lives and dies for likes and follows, and spends every waking minute snapping selfies, updating statuses, and cramming as much unironic sarcasm as possible into 140 characters or less. Their story is usually 200 seconds long, and features the basics: CN sunset, Sweet Jesus delicacies, and bottles at EFS. The world to this type exists solely to be #hashtagged.

Pro Tip: The Social Media Addict is susceptible to wildly varying data usage, depending on what’s going on that month, so knowing exactly how much data they’re using will keep this maven on track. With tools like TELUS’ My Account app on their side, they can avoid any surprises and even block data usage when they reach a specific dollar amount to keep those bills in check.

2. The Fitness Junkie

Always on the go, tracking their steps, timing their workouts, watching their calorie intake, monitoring their sleep patterns – this user is extremely self-aware. They need their phone to be loaded with their favourite workout apps, and fully-stocked with their choice of beats to keep them motivated. So they need a great data package to be able to take advantage of everything their phone offers, without paying a valuable arm or a leg for it!

Pro Tip: The Fitness Junkie can take advantage of booking a one-on-one session with a TELUS Learning Centre Expert. These experts are specially trained to help them find not only the best phone and plan to fit their needs, but also the best fitness trackers to keep them focused on their goals.

3. The "Everything But Phone" User

Believe it or not, there are people who have never made a single phone call with the cell phone. In fact, if you told them they could make phone calls, they would ask what app they needed to download for that. Taking pictures, blasting The Weeknd on repeat, trolling YouTube comments, and starting Whatsapp threads are what smartphones are for, right?

Pro Tip: Battery life is everything to this user. They need to stay on – all the time. We know that battery life wavers the older your phone gets, and while an on-the-go charger can help in the short term, the best option is to sign up for a phone upgrade program like TELUS’ T Up! to make sure you always have the latest and greatest device.

4. The Savvy Senior

Grandma not only knows how to call you with her smartphone, but texts you pics of grandpa lounging in Florida, and even has a Candy Crush high score. On top of that, her phone is actually nicer than yours! Next thing you know, she'll be Instagramming pictures of her lattes on out!

Pro Tip: The Savvy Senior is all about keeping connected with their grandchildren and friends on social media. Secure your status as favourite grandchild and book grandma a free session at a TELUS Learning Centre, or tell her to check out for tips on how to stay safe online and learn even more about her device.

5. The Truly Obsessed

Permanently glued to their screen, even at the most inappropriate times, The Truly Obsessed can be a bit of a safety hazard because they’re literally checking their phone non-stop. The TTC is basically their worst nightmare, and this is often that friend who asks you for your Wi-Fi password before even saying hello. God forbid, something were to go wrong - like no signal.

Pro Tip: The Truly Obsessed would go crazy if their phone were to ever breakdown. A solid warranty program like TELUS Device Care – with a quick, no-questions-asked replacement – we'll give them the peace of mind they need to go about their daily business without a care in the world.

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