5 Ways Rob Ford Made Toronto A Better City

Rest In Peace.
5 Ways Rob Ford Made Toronto A Better City

After 2 years of battling a rare sort of cancer, former mayor Rob Ford has passed away this morning at the age of 46. The deadly tumour in his abdomen was removed in May 2015, but doctors discovered two more new tumors in Ford's bladder last fall.

The Rob Ford scandal circulated international media, which in the eyes of many Torontonians, set a negative image for the city. However, there are many things Ford accomplished during his term as mayor and we would like to recognize 5 ways Rob Ford made Toronto a better city.

Thank you Rob Ford for your accomplishments. May You Rest In Peace.

1. He cancelled the $60 vehicle registration tax.

Calling off the vehicle registration tax was one of Ford’s central campaign undertakings. Let us thank him for revoking the 60$ fee that the city used to collect on our birthdays.

2. He was in charge of installation of the new TCHC board.

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation was well-known to be corrupt and dissatisfying to the community housing residents.

3. He privatized a part of the city's garbage pickup.

A portion of the city's garbage pickup was privatized from Humber River to west of Yonge St.

4. Made TTC a vital service.

During Ford's term, the Ontario government voted to approve a bill that banned transit strikes in Toronto (the strikes cost the city's economy $50 million dollars a day.)

5. Reduced councillor office cost budgets.

Ford cut the city expenses from$2.7-million to $2-million, saving a total $899,580. The council voted to reduce the office budgets of city councillors from $50,445 to $30,000 during his term.

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