5 Ways To Find Love In Toronto Without Going Online

In the realm of dating, social media has made it even harder.

What ever happened to good ol' fashion romance? What happened to writing love letters, holding hands while sharing a milkshake, drive-in movie dates and chivalry? Meeting people these days seems impossible when everyone is constantly walking around, eyes glued onto their cellphone screens, instead of looking ahead at what may be heading their way.

Social media acts as a buffer.  Instead of meeting people face-to-face, they sit at home taking the best angled and lighted selfie, to post as their profile pic for an online dating site or app. Instead of promises of a real romantic date, promises of a sexual act or one night stand is proposed. Who even asks someone to dance anymore without the preconceived notion that bumping and grinding will be involved? Yes fellas, not so romantic! It is sad to say but have we lost the ability to have a conversation with one another? The old ways of romance needs to be brought back-and stat. Without having to log on, here are five ways single ladies and gents can meet their potential soulmate in the city.

1. Speak up in real life

With so many people using social media and text message these days, many are not taking the time to speak to people in person. You'd be amazed to see how many awesome people in Toronto you can engage with if you just open your mouth. Every single day it could be possible that the love of your life is standing inches away from you, don't go a day without taking the chance to speak to someone you are interested in pursuing.

2. Social functions can leave you with something to celebrate

Going to events can be a fantastic way to meet someone special. Birthdays, weddings and other holiday celebrations can open the doors for you to meet new people. So the next time you go to a function be prepared, mr/mrs right could be waiting to celebrate the festivities alongside you.

3. Have a picnic and love may be your dessert

Who said that picnics are just for two people in love to enjoy? Pack a blanket, a basket of food and head to one of the most beautiful parks Toronto has to offer. Going alone is less intimidating for someone to approach you however, going with a friend is okay too. Being outside can really expand your chances of finding a love interest. So step away from your computer and get out there because the possibilities of having an encounter with a beautiful person can be the tastiest treat, just make sure to also stash your phone away.

4. Ready, set, speed date

Speed dating can be a great alternative to online dating. You are able to meet the person face-to-face without first having to spend countless amounts of time messaging back and forth with them. Round up a couple of your single friends and share some drinks over laughter and a handful of dates. For more information on speeding dating events in Toronto check out 25 Dates or Single In The City.

5. Check out new scenes

Going to the same places all the time can result in you having the same options. Why don't you and your friends explore new bars, beaches, restaurants, lounges and art galleries to help expand your abilities of finding your future crush. By visiting new places you are opening yourself up to new adventures and one of those experiences could land you in the arms of that special person you've been yearning for. So don't just wait around, get up and go get 'em.