Yes, I am 100% biased, but hear me out!  There are SO many things to love about Toronto.  I feel like every time I visit a new part of the city I fall deeper in love with the people, architecture, and culture that Toronto has to offer.

Obviously, there are some things I'm not crazy about.  I mean who really LOVES the TTC? Either way, Toronto is definitely one of the coolest cities in Canada, and we are all so ridiculously lucky to live here.

If you need a reminder as to why Toronto is so great, here are 50 I've come up with.

1. The amount of diversity in our citizens, foods, festivals, and basically everything else.

2. All the amazing food festivals.

3. We have a great music scene, with lots of super talented musicians.

4. Graffiti Alley is just one example of the incredible street art around the city.

5. We have views so beautiful they inspired a Drake album.

6. Toronto gets a tour date for pretty much every big concert.

7. There are nightlife options for everyone.  Whether you like game bars, crazy clubs, EDM, or a chilled out pub, Toronto has you covered.

8. The never ending amount of food trucks always making their way around the city.

9. The fact that most Torontonians have an appreciation for really cool art.  AGO is case in point!

10. You can't really go anywhere without seeing a REALLY cute dog.

11. We get to cheer on the Raptors, and that's enough of a reason in itself!

12. We easily have the coolest city merch in all of Canada. Who can say no to a Toronto is Home crewneck?

13. Most Torontonians are in agreeance about how important over-the-top ice-cream is.

14. There are constantly beer, wine or cider festivals happening around the city.

15. There are numerous amazing schools in the city. U of T, Ryerson, OCAD, etc.

16. We have the Toronto Island which serves as a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

17. Toronto is home to what may be the cutest Christmas market in the world right in our very own Distillery District.

18. Once the temperature goes beyond freezing the city creates tons of free ice rinks for everyone to enjoy!

19. Toronto makes every foodie's dreams come true during Winterlicious and Summerlicious.

20. There are constantly free concerts all over the city.

21. Numerous places in Toronto make life a little easier by offering lots of student discounts.

22. We have one of the best baseball teams in the league! Go Jays!

23. Our city's skyline is totally breathtaking.

24. We have some super beautiful green spaces, like Trinity Bellwoods or High Park!

25. We have two airports, which makes traveling that much easier.

26. We have numerous beautiful cities surrounding us that make up the GTA family!

27. We have so many incredible independent coffee shops that cater to our caffeine addictions.

28. We are the only city in Ontario with a major league soccer club.

29. We have an ever-expanding film industry.

30. The beautiful High Park cherry blossom trees can't really be beat in the spring time.

31. Toronto is home to so many awesome music festivals (Bestival, Turf, Digital Dreams, etc).

32. We have some seriously cool architecture!

33. You can get food from all around the world in the vicinity of one single city.

34. The view from the Scarborough Bluffs is like no other.

35. It's ridiculously easy to get your hands on local goods because there is always a market happening somewhere in the city.

36. Toronto is home to some crazy talented photographers that constantly document how beautiful our city is.

37. We get to host TIFF, AKA (arguably) the coolest film festival ever.

38. So many super cool pop-up shops and events are always happening in the city. I'm still not over the fact that I missed the Gilmore Girls pop-up.

39. Toronto truly comes alive during the holiday season, and you basically can't go anywhere without seeing twinkle lights.

40. Toronto takes brunch very seriously, which makes hungover mornings a whole lot easier.

41. It's incredibly easy to catch an Uber, and you probably won't be waiting for one for more than 5 minutes.

42. Torontonians have crazy pride for whatever neighborhood they live in, and they will let everyone know why it's the best place to live in the city.

43. We have an amazing LGBTQ community, and we throw the craziest Pride events ever.

44. We don't have to break the bank for an amazing wardrobe. Our thrift store line up is like no other!

45. There are never ending opportunities to people watch, especially at Yonge and Dundas.

46. Echo Beach and the Molson Amphitheatre make for the ideal outdoor music venues in the summer.

47. Riverdale Park has one of the craziest sunset views, and you can only see it in Toronto.

48. Our winters aren't actually that bad, despite our constant complaining.

49. The street style displayed on Queen West is like no other.

50. But realistically, the people are the main thing that makes Toronto the best! :)

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