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50 Thoughts You Have As A Single Toronto Girl In Your 20s

Being single in your 20s can be tough. You love having your independence and not being responsible for anyone other than yourself, but sometimes you do get lonely. You enjoy your freedom to do as you please, but it can be hard when it feels like the rest of the world it's falling in love. It's nice to be reliant on only yourself, but you also simultaneously wish someone was there to treat you to dinner every now and again.

These are just a few thoughts that cross a single 20-something Toronto woman's mind. If you're single too, then these are some more thoughts you've definitely had:

1. "I'm an independent woman and I don't need a man to be happy."

2. "But I guess it would be kind of nice to have one..."

3. "Is literally everyone on the planet in a relationship right now?"

4. "No, I will not go to another Jays game with you and your boyfriend. I refuse to be the third wheel again."

5. "Ugh, I'm sooo single. Maybe I should go on The Bachelor."

6. "Why doesn't anyone find me attractive?"

7. "Maybe I'm just too pretty; it's intimidating for guys."

8. "When will I finally meet 'The One'?"

9. "Where do you even meet people in Toronto nowadays?"

10. "Maybe I should download Tinder... I really don't want to tell people we met on Tinder though."

11. "I want to meet my husband the old fashioned way - you know, at a club like Early Mercy or something."

12. "How did she meet her boyfriend? Okay, well she is the one Tinder exception. That wouldn't happen to me."

13. "Can everyone just stop getting engaged please?"

14. "I'm going to unfriend the next person on my Facebook feed who gets engaged."

15. "Why didn't any of my past relationships work?"

16. "Maybe I should call one of my exes. What if one of them is the one I'm suppose to be with?"

17. "Just kidding, they all sucked. Crawling back to an ex would be more embarrassing that a Sunday morning walk of shame."

18. "I don't really want to date anyone right now anyways."

19. "Being single in Toronto is actually so fun, I love it."

20. "But I wish I had someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix."

21. "Never mind, that's what my cat is for."

22. "OMG I'm going to die alone as a crazy cat lady!"

23. "Well, I'm actually not that crazy."

24. "I don't really have time for a relationship anyways, I'm always super busy."

25. "I'm just trying to focus on my career right now, I think that's more important than finding a boyfriend."

26. "Single, ready to mingle!"

27. "Maybe I'm single because I don't go out enough. Maybe I should go out with the girls to Everleigh tonight."

28. "I don't even want to go out though. I'd rather just stay home and eat ice cream."

29. "Ugh, I'm never going to meet someone. I'm doomed to be single forever."

30. "Why can't my love life just be like a movie? Like Love Actually or The Notebook."

31. "I just want to find my Mr. Big like Carrie did."

32. "I'll even take an Aiden at this point. Carrie and Aiden weren't that bad together. I will honestly take whatever I can get."

33. "Does chivalry even exist anymore?... Some guy at Loblaws did hold the door open for me the other day so I guess that counts, right?"

34. "Maybe I should have gotten his number..."

35. "I think I'm just too funny; my jokes are just too clever and guys don't get them. I'm like an Amy Schumer type."

36. "Boys are dumb... But I still kind of want one."

37. "Why can't I just meet the right person already? Like how long is this going to take?"

38. "Maybe the right person doesn't actually exist and people just settle. Or maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better."

39. "Regardless, I don't think marriage is for me."

40. "Maybe I should just find a sugar daddy. I could be a sugar baby."

41. "Quit asking me why I'm single, I just am."

42. "Also, quit telling me 'it's okay' that I'm single. I don't need your blessing to be single."

43. "No, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm bitter about being single."

44. "Being single is great because I don't have to answer to anyone and I can do whatever I want."

45. "I'm in a serious, committed relationship with Pizzeria Libretto. Pizza is my boyfriend."

46. "Going out on dates is actually the worst anyways."

47. "Do we do dinner, drinks, coffee? What do people even do on dates?"

48. "I just want to skip the whole dating part and go straight to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage."

49. "Being a single Toronto girl in your 20s kind of sucks..."

50. "But it's also kind of the best."

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