5,000 People Are Currently Stranded After Someone Was Struck And Killed By A Go Train

The incident happened on the Barrie Line
5,000 People Are Currently Stranded After Someone Was Struck And Killed By A Go Train

Metrolinx is reporting that 5000 people are currently stranded on three different GO Trains after a person was struck by a train on the Barrie line. 

The incident took place just south of Downsview Park Station, near Castlefield in Toronto just before 9 AM when a person was struck and killed by a train. It is not known if they were a worker or trespasser on the tracks. 

#GOTrain suspended: DownsviewPark #GOstation due to person hit by train. Show PRESTO card @ TTC DownsviewPark stn to ride free https://t.co/JbX55zwoUA

October 11, 2018

For some passengers, their train was able to stop at Downsview Park station, where GO and the TTC are allowing people stranded by the GO Train fatality to take the subway into the city for free. 

According to GO Transit's service updates, anyone who was on one of the GO Trains suspended at Downsview is able to take the TTC for free by simply showing their Presto card or GO ticket to operators. 

Metrolinx says that service is suspended on its Barrie line after a person was fatally struck by a train near Castlefield Avenue. The transit agency says that 3,000 to 5,000 riders are currently stuck on a total of three trains.

October 11, 2018

Metrolinx is reporting that three trains are stuck holding on the line now carrying anywhere from 3000-5000 people. They are also saying that an investigation and return to normal service will take around two hours. 

In the meantime, they have cancelled all trains between Barrie and Toronto's Union Station for the next two hours including the 9:40 AM train from Barrie and the 10:40 AM train leaving from Aurora. A 9:20 AM Train from Bradford was also rerouted, to take a long way around to Union. 

Metrolinx says the situation is currently being handled by emergency responders and an investigation is already underway. Trains will not be moving at all between Union and Downsview Park until they are giving permission by investigators, which is estimated to take two hours. 

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