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51 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Toronto For $10 Or Less

Get the best bang for your buck!
51 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Toronto For $10 Or Less

Toronto can be a pretty pricey city, and if you are looking to cut corners, food is the perfect place to start. Thankfully cutting the costs on your foodie endeavours in the city doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or taste.

These 51 spots feature delicious meals that are going to run you at the most $10, and many included are significantly under the already cheap price, so get ready to dig in! 

Square Boy // 875 Danforth Ave 

This spot in Danforth offers you the perfect comfort food with staple favourites like banquet burgers and cheese dogs as well as fish and chips and souvlaki! The best part is that there isn't a thing on the menu that costs more than $9.00! 

The Bagel House // 1548 Bayview Ave 

Breakfast and lunch are more than covered at The Bagel House. From their breakfast sandwiches to the wide range of veggie and chicken bagels they offer, you've got tons of delicious options! 

Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W 

Wilbur has one of the nicest locations in the city and tacos to match! From guac and chips to their range of options for tacos, you are more than covered. Plus their massive assortment of hot sauces will leave you seriously impressed. 

Bellybuster Submarines // 389 King St W 

You can't go wrong with a good sub, especially when it's a cheap one as well! You've got tons of topping options to choose from to customize your sandwich into the perfect sub! 

WVRST // 609 King St W 

WVRST isn't just an authentic German food-hall styled spot, they've got a crazy selection of sausages to choose from, ranging from animals like duck to kangaroo! With the price being as pleasing as the menu, WVRST is definitely a must-visit. 

Porchetta and Co. // 545 King St W 

Fried chicken sandwiches are always a good idea, but can sometimes get a little pricey. Luckily Porchetta and Co. not only offers cheap fried chicken oriented foods, but they are some of the best offered in the city! 

El Furniture Warehouse // 410 Bloor St 

El Furniture Warehouse doesn't just offer an adorable location with a few cheap eats. Instead, their entire menu is a cheap eat with nothing exceeding $5! So make sure to grab your friends and choose this spot for your next dinner out in the city to save some major coin.

Double D’s // 1020 Gerrard St 

You don't have to go to Chicago to enjoy some deep dish pizza, and the good news is it's inexpensive! A slice of Double D's deep dish pizza is only going to run out $6-7 depending on the kind of pizza you get, and it's incredible! 

Banh Mi Boys // 392 Queen St W 

This quick bite stop in Queen West is a must-visit if you haven't tried it out already. They've got everything from baos and tacos with other options as a modern take on Vietnamese. Though if there is one thing you should definitely get from this spot, it's definitely the grilled pork belly! 

Xtreme Taste // 6 Cumberland St 

If you are looking for cheap eats in the city but are also looking for something on the healthier side, then definitely consider Xtreme Taste. Their plates are packed with tons of food and flavour! On top of that, the veggie plate pictured above only costs $5! 

The Fish Store // 657 College 

Definitely do not judge The Fish Store by its store-front. This spot is amazing and offers incredibly fresh fish as well as other menu items packed with flavour for a crazy cheap price! 

Schnitzel Queen // 237 Queen St E 

Schnitzel is always known to not only be a hearty and delicious meal but at Schnitzel Queen you aren't going to have to worry about paying through the nose for it! With juniors running from $7-$10 and fulls going from $10-$13 you are definitely going to get a bang for your buck. 

PG Clucks  // 610 College St 

PG Clucks is another great spot for fried chicken sandwiches, with their spicy chicken classic only running you $7, you'll have enough money for a second if you aren't full enough already! 

Seven Lives Tacos // 69 Kensington Ave 

Toronto does tacos like no other and thankfully they are a common cheap eat around downtown. Though if you are looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to tacos, definitely go to Seven Lives. They hands down pack their tacos with the most toppings inside! 

Schmaltz Appetizing // 414 Dupont St 

Who doesn't love a salmon and cream cheese bagel? Schmaltz does them like no other bagel spot in the city ever could. Topped with capers and red onions as well as fresh salmon, your first visit definitely will not be your last. 

Moo Frites // 178 Baldwin St 

If you are looking for a unique spin on the classic poutine for cheap, Moo Frites is the place to go. The spot specializes in Belgian fries that are topped with your choice from 18 different house-made sauces such as nosy wasabi and curry ketchup! With prices ranging from only $4-7.95, you can get your fry fix for the perfect price! 

Dumpling House Restaurant // 328 Spadina Ave 

Who doesn't love dumplings?! Not only does Dumpling House offer delicious dumplings and other pho-oriented eats, but they also offer it all for a great price! 

Brick Street Bakery // 27 Trinity St

Brick Street Bakery doesn't just offer cheap sweet and savoury treats such as macaroons and croissants! From hot sandwiches like the pulled pork sandwich to their colder meals such as the coronation chicken sandwich, nothing will run you over $8.50!

850 Degree // 3455 Lake Shore Blvd

If you are looking for delicious pizza for cheap, 850 Degree is definitely the place to go! The spot features pizzas with tons of different topping variations that are delicious! 

Jumbo Burgers // 685 Runnymede Rd 

Jumbo Burgers serves up staple old-school burgers and fries that will take you back in time. The retro venue offers their eats at a great price so it's the perfect place to visit if you are in the market for a cheat day! 

Loga’s Corner // 216C Close Avenue

Loga's Corner offers eats that are as cheap as $1 deep-fried aloo momos! As well they offer both steamed and pan-fried beef and veggie momos for only $6-7 so you are bound to get delicious food for crazy cheap! 

Mi Taco Taqueria // 247 Queen St W 

I mean, charcoal tacos are cool but they definitely aren't the only reason why you should check out this taco spot. Not only do they offer delicious tacos packed with tons of flavour but they are crazy cheap as well! 

Monga // 692 Yonge St 

This new spot in the city has made a massive splash in the Toronto food scene. Offering massive portions of deep-fried chicken as well as chicken nuggets coated in a delicious and spicy seasoning, they have become a massive hit. Luckily for you, you can try the trendy food for cheap considering it will only run you $10 for their signature massive piece of chicken. 

The Jerk Joint // 238 Queen St W 

If you are looking for Caribbean-style jerk chicken, patties, roti and wraps then you should definitely consider The Jerk Joint. Considering that not only is the food cheap, but it's also authentic and delicious! 

Rose City Kitchen // 406 Queen St W 

From poutine to food bowls as well as falafel, Rose City Kitchen offers a ton of Meditteranean options. While the food is delicious on its own, it definitely helps that the menu primarily features eats that are under $10! 

Cut The Cheese // 2901 Dundas St W  

Who doesn't love a classic grilled cheese? If you are looking for a delicious spin on the dish (like a grilled bacon mac and cheese) then you should definitely hit up Cut The Cheese! 

Bobbi Sue’s Mac and Cheese // 162 Ossington Ave 

If you are really into mac and cheese, then you should definitely head over to Bobbi Sue's. A 'Classic Mac' will only run you $6 for a small and $9.40 for a large that will surely fill you up! 

Rasta Pasta // 61 Kensington Ave

Rasta Pasta offers Jamaican and Italian fusion that will surely impress even the pickiest foodie. Plus with a $5 lunch spell available until 2 pm, you are able to get your fix for seriously cheap! 

Bagels on Fire // 2248 Queen St E 

Bagels on Fire has everything and anything to offer bagel wise, including a coconut, flavoured bagel! Whether you are going to bulk buy bagels or grab a specialty bagel sandwhich from the spot, it won't break the bank but it will fill your stomach! 

Snack Shack // 3260 Lakeshore Blvd W 

This spot in Etobicoke offers a ton of different options. From smaller snacks to meals like burgers, burritos, and tacos everything is in and around $10!  

Salad Days // 2 Bloor St W 

If you are looking for something a little more healthy, then consider getting a salad from Salad Days! Their signature salads are delicious but you also have the option to customize your own with whichever toppings and protein you desire! 

Arepa Café // 490 Queen St W 

This café specializes in Venezuelan dining as well as other finger foods perfect for sharing! With $4 tequeños and arepas only running you $6.50, it's easy on the wallet as well! 

New York Subs and Burritos // 520 Queen St W 

Who doesn't love a good old submarine or burrito? New York Subs and Burritos does both iconic meals the way they were intended: simple, inexpensive but still delicious! 

Fonda Lola // 942 Queen St W 

Fonda Lola is a great spot to eat in general with the vibrant atmosphere and cozy setting. Though if you are trying to enjoy some cheap eats then definitely visit on Tuesdays when they offer tacos for only $2! 

Lasa // 634 St Clair W 

This spot features Filipino cuisine and an adorable interior that's airy, aesthetic and therefore perfect for your Instagram feed. Apart from the venue itself, the food is delicious and inexpensive with dishes ranging in and around $10. 

Flock // 330 Adelaide St W 

Flock is a great place to visit if you want a hearty and healthy food bowl. Not only do they have a massive list of topping options that will keep you interested no matter how often you visit, but their chicken is also hormone-free! 

Uno Mustachio // 95 Front St E 

This spot features some of the best Italian sandwiches you can find in the city for an amazing price. Though if sandwiches aren't your thing, they also offer salads and pasta! 

Chick-N-Joy // 1483 Queen St E 

It's all in the name! Chick-N-Joy is all about simple but delicious fried chicken dinners that are perfect for whether you are dining alone or with a bunch of people! The only hard decision you'll have to make at this spot is whether to pair your chicken with fries or taters! 

Kaboom Chicken // 722 Queen St E 

Kaboom Chicken offers a ton of delicious meals around $10, but if you do want their signature ramen fried chicken burger, you're going to have to buck up an extra $2, but trust me it is definitely worth it! 

Mr. Pide // 800 Danforth Ave 

Mr. Pide specializes in Turkish styled pies that will leave you feeling as though you made the trip to Turkey for lunch! Whether you want to expand your foodie horizons without spending a ton or are just looking for cheap Turkish food in general, this is definitely a spot you should add to your list! 

Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave

Mother's Dumplings is arguably one of the best dumpling spots in the city. Whether you are getting boiled or pan-fried dumplings, they are always delicious and never expensive! 

King Slice // 1598 Bloor St W 

Who can't appreciate a massive slice of good pizza? King Slice keeps it simple with their pizzas but the massive portion sizes will keep you coming back for more- this spot gives you a serious bang for your buck. 

Randy's Take Out // 1569 Eglinton Ave W 

Randy's does Jamaican patties like no other, seriously, they're known for them! As you would already assume, the patties are dirt cheap but are incredibly delicious! 

Fancy Frank's // 453 Queen St W 

Who doesn't love a good hot dog?! Fancy Frank's is a great place to go to for any classic grub you could be craving. From dressed up hot dogs to a classic poutine or hamburger, you are sure to be impressed!

Hanmoto // 2 Lakeview Ave 

Hanmoto features Japanese-styled snacks and bar food that are absolutely delicious. Not only is the food amazing but everything offered is relatively inexpensive and perfect for someone on a budget! 

Katz's Deli // 3300 Dufferin St 

There is nothing better than a smoked meat sandwhich, especially one that doesn't hurt the wallet. Katz's Deli serves up some seriously delicious smoked meat and equally as delicious mustard to top! 

Nilgiris // 3021 Markham Rd Unit 50 

This spot serves up Indian inspired vegetarian food that is to die for. The flavours are incredible and they offer you the option to do regular dining or buffet style. Whichever one you choose, you're sure to be satisfied!

The Pie Commission // 887 Dundas St W

The Pie Commission is an extremely underrated spot in the city for food in general, let alone cheap eats. Their pies are delicious and always packed with a ton of flavour, and it definitely helps that they don't cost too much! Luckily they've got several locations around the city so keep your eyes peeled! 

Ciao Roma Pizza // 28 Roytec Red Unit 12a 

Who doesn't love pizza?! Ciao Roma features a pizza style that may be a little different than what you are used to seeing as it is inspired by the way pizza is made in Rome! So whether you have been to Rome and are craving it post-trip or looking to make the culinary trip without a passport, it's a great place to consider!

New Toronto Fish and Chip’s // 146 Fifth St 

Fish and chips are a staple, and if you are in the mood for them you know that if you are making the trip, especially if you are going with a big group, that it can get a little pricy. Luckily the New Toronto fish and chips location serves up the classic fish and chips you know and low for an unbeatable price! 

Hopper Hut // 880 Ellesmere Rd 

Hopper Hut not only serves some seriously aesthetically pleasing dish plates but the food is also incredible. Packed with both options and flavours for you to try, the cheap price definitely doesn't come with the comprise of sub-par food!

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