Hey there, Mustangs! Whether you're in first year or fourth, graduation is inevitable. Your time at Western won't last forever, but you can make memories that last forever if you spend your time here wisely!

Four years is just long enough for you to take in everything that Western has to offer. There are so many opportunities for growth, new friendships, and fun, and to make sure you take advantage of those opportunities, I've created this list!

So let this unofficial bucket list guide your journey at Western, or even function as a checklist of things you must do at Western before you graduate:

1. Attend the Spoke on a Wednesday night for Rick McGhie.

2. Go to Western film and get a popcorn trough.

3. Go to office hours at least once.

4. Go to a Frat party.

5. Partake in the Terry Fox run.

6. Get to know at least one of your professors over coffee or a beer.

7. Join an intramural team.

8. Participate in Shinerama.  

9. Drink on Broughdale Ave on Homecoming.

10. Actually attend a Homecoming football game.

11. Study in every library on campus at least once. 

12. Attend Charity Ball.

13. Attend or take part in either the Purple Spur or Caisa fashion show.

14. Tray-boggan down UC Hill in the winter.

15. Pick one class where you actually do all of the assigned readings.

16. Pick one class where you do none of the assigned readings. Don't even buy the textbook. 

17. Attend a guest speaker/seminar on campus.

18. Sit in on a lecture from a class you aren't enrolled in that's completely out of your element.

19. Try one of the premium Spoke bagels with a unique cream cheese flavour. (You can't say you've experienced Spoke bagels if you've only tried plain with butter!)

20. Walk/run along the Thames river pathway.

21. Take a photo with the Western Mustang mascot.

22. Participate in a flip cup/beer pong tournament.

23. Go to The Barking Frog.

24. Go to Jack’s.

25. Go to Molly Bloom’s.

26. Go to The Ceeps.

27. Go to The Loft.

28. Go to The Belfort.

29. Go to Cowboys.

30. Go to The Bull and Barrel.

31. Go to Prohibition.

32. Go to Taphouse.

33. Go to McCabe's.

34. Go to Martini Bar.

35. Eat at Prince Al's after 2am.

36. Do a suggested/non-mandatory reading.

37. Watch a performance put on by Western Theatre or Dance Force.

38. Try a CLT wrap from The Spoke.

39. Watch the Eng Pumpkin drop.

40. Own at least one article of Western brand clothing.

41. Do an international exchange for a semester.

42. Go skating at night in Victoria Park around Christmas time.

43. Apply to be a Soph.

44. Take a random elective that you're interested in, but has nothing to do with your major.

45. Carve your name into a table at The Spoke.

46. Go to the McIntosh art gallery across from Nat Sci or Artlab in the Visual Arts Building.

47. Buy a balloon hat from the Ballon Guy.

48. Join the exec team of a club.

49. Try some of London's best restaurants. 

50. Take advantage of dollar beer nights, you’ll have a harder time rationalizing getting drunk on a Monday after University.

51. Have a giant potluck with all of your friends.

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