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Toronto Community Centre Preparing People For Pride Hate Groups With Special "Mobilization Kits"

You can pick up a kit at a variety of locations throughout the weekend.
Ontario Editor

With Pride week in full swing, one Toronto community center is doing their part in ensuring that those who are participating in this weekend's events are prepared with facing anti-LGTBQ demonstraters that may be present. The 519 Toronto community center is handing out 'Mobilization Kits' throughout the weekend to ensure that those who wish to engage in 'peaceful disruption' of the anti-LGBTQ community can do so safely. These kits will be available throughout Pride weekend at a variety of locations. 

The 519 is a community center that is committed to ensuring the health and happiness of the LGBTQ2S communities throughout the city of Toronto. As Pride week approaches, the 519 is taking multiple steps to ensure that those who are participating in these weeks activities can feel safe while doing so. One of these steps is to ensure that those participants who wish to peacefully disrupt the protests of anti-LGBT rhetoric have kits that help them to do so safely. 

These 'Mobilization Kits' include a large banner with a message of love, noise-makers, chant lifts and branded bandanas that can help you identify others from the 519 community. 

These kits also include information on how to report hateful activity and response tips and tricks for when you come in contact with anti-LGBT rhetoric. 

Those who feel comfortable in doing so are able to pick up a 'Mobilization Kit' from several locations throughout the weekend including the 519 front desks, Glad Day Bookshop, and Pride Toronto Volunteer HQ. Participates can also pick a kit up on Sunday at the Blockorama stage. 

According to CP24, these kits come after the Village has dealt with multiple confrontations over the past few months. In May a man with a loudspeaker was spotted in the Village shouting 'derogatory terms' at people who were passing him. 

Last week during a pride festival taking place in Hamilton a brawl took place after people showed up carrying signs that stated LGBT communities were 'doomed to go to hell'. 

The 519 states that if you experience hate groups during Pride you should always prioritize your safety and remind people to refrain from physical violence. They also say to notify their front desk at 416-392-6784. 

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