When it comes to date night in Toronto, it can be easy for couples to get into the same old routine. While dinner and a movie is an obvious classic, there are tons of cool things see and do together in Toronto with your S.O.  Rather than stick to what you know, this year, take advantage of all of the unique activities the city has to offer.

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From a romantic getaway to one of the country's most beautiful hotels to a unique trip to Toronto's cheese cave, here are 52 super fun things to do this year with your significant other.


1. Hit up some of Toronto's best restaurants for a 3-course-meal that won't drain your bank account during Winterlicious.

2. Go for ice cream when it's snowing out just because you can. 

3. Have cotton candy coffee at the cutest cafe in Toronto (yup, we said it!)

4. Go on a romantic winter adventure through Ontario. 

5. Unleash your inner Ron and Hermione at a massive Harry Potter Dance Party.

6. Go for a romantic winter stroll through one of these snowy parks across the GTA. 

7. Treat yourselves to some overwhelmingly delicious churro pancakes. 

8. Visit one of Ontario's secret skating rinks.

9. Make it your mission to complete this Toronto Poutine bucket list. 

10. Check out one of the new restaurants opening up this year. 

11. Have an unusual sleepover at one of these Toronto establishments. 


12. Escape the cold for a sunny Spring Break getaway that won't hurt the bank. 

13. Take a trip to one of these underrated Canadian towns. 

14. Rent an Airbnb for a romantic weekend getaway. 

15. Show off your cultured side at one of these free Toronto art galleries. 

16. Have a gouda time together at this Toronto "cheese cave."

17. Check out this incredible indoor tropical garden. 

18. Challenge your taste buds with Toronto's weirdest caesar. 

19. Show off your smart side at this literary themed bar. 

20. De-stress together at this hot spring just out side of Ontario. 

21. Embark on this waterfall tour of Ontario. 

22. Take the chocolate lover in your life to one of these insanely cool places. 

23. Engage in some playful competition at one of Toronto's game bars. 


24. Grab some blankets and cuddle up in a park to watch the solar eclipse over Toronto this August. 

25. Go for lunch in one of these "summer gardens" restaurants. 

26. Soak up the sun and the sand at this tropical beach just outside of Toronto. 

27. Go for a hike through one (or all) of Canada's National Parks for FREE. 

28. Compete against each other on the ultimate Toronto scavenger hunt. 

29. Treat yourselves to a romantic stay at one of Canada's most beautiful hotels. 

30. Satisfy your sweet tooth at this insane creperie. 

31. Unleash your inner kids at this Toronto Candy Shop. 

32. Take your Harry Potter lover on one of these HP inspired dates. 

33. Take a scenic road trip through Ontario. 

34. Watch the sunset at these bucket list destinations in Canada. 

35. Pretend you're in the most romantic city in the world at this Paris-inspired restaurant. 

36. Pig out together with the ultimate Toronto burger bucket list.

37. Learn something new together at one of these unusual workshops.

38. Go for a relaxing couple's spa day. 

39. Go on a mini GTA road trip. 


40. Show off your wild side on one of these illegal Toronto date ideas. 

41. Get in the Halloween spirit by exploring a creepy abandoned amusement park. 

42. Go on a racy date to a strip club that's inside a church...yes, you read that right.

43. And then visit one of Toronto's male strip clubs. (It's only fair, right?)

44. Hit up all 24 best brunch spots in Toronto.  

45. Get giggly drunk together at these champagne bars. 

46. Heighten your senses with a date to a 4D movie. 

47. Take your bae horseback riding at one of these Ontario trails. 

48. Make your S.O. third wheel you and your pet at one of these animal friendly cafes. 

49. Pretend summer never ended at one of Toronto's heated patios.  

50. Escape the city for a fall getaway to one of these small towns in Ontario. 

51. Spook yourselves at one of these haunted restaurants. 

52. Check out the fall foliage on these incredible Ontario hiking trails. 

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