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52 Truths Of Living In UWaterloo Residences

The nitty and the gritty.
52 Truths Of Living In UWaterloo Residences

One of the most exciting experiences of being a first-year university student is living in an on-campus residence. At the University of Waterloo, every residence has it's own unique "character" and "personality". Knowing these traits is vital when deciding on which residence to spend your term(s) in.

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Although the usual trend among students is to seek off-campus housingafter first year, living in a campus residence is an experience all UWaterloo students will remember and cherish.  Here are 52 truths of living in UWaterloo residences, based on what some of your fellow Warriors have said online:


You're bound to attend, host, or hear about a party happening at REV.

The place is cursed with surprise fire alarms.

You might end up getting food at the V1 cafeteria more often than at the one at REV because it's better there. #Traitor

Peace and quiet doesn't exist here.

Sharing a room with a roommate is likely to make personal space an issue. Beware of your roommate barging in at inopportune times.

The fact that it has it's own gym and basketball court/skating rink won't be enough to motivate you to work out or stop buying greasy campus food.

Village 1

Spicy chicken wraps will be your life and will also be the reason behind your Freshman 15. And you will be okay with that. Better load that meal plan generously.

Late night munchies can sometimes be a problem since Mudie's (or The Caf, as some of us call it) closes at 12:30 AM sharp. I've walked all the way to Campus Pizza at 3 AM once as an alternative option (it was during the Winter and it wasn't fun).

You'll run into a lot of people you met during Frosh week that you probably would rather not run into.

Ping pong isn't just a game at V1. It's a lifestyle. Billiards as well.

Your life is blessed if you manage to land a single room. Not so much if you get an interconnected one.

Shower caddies are important.

You'll learn to go Number 2 in public washrooms better. It's an important life skill.

There are two types of people - people that actually use the corkboard wall and people that leave it completely empty.

You can hear everything echo through the building - conversations, music, toilets flushing, other awkward noises.... (if ya know what I mean).

In some cases you can wake up 5 minutes before class and still make it on time.


If you don't know how to cook, you better hope your wallet is fat. You'll probably be buying a lot of your meals from the Plaza across the street.

You probably won't know anyone else on your floor. Nor will you attend your don's events. That is usually the suite-style way.

If your classes aren't in any of the engineering buildings, you might have to get up a little earlier in the morning to make it on time to class.

The island that cuts through the middle of University Ave has the power to make you feel invincible when crossing the street to campus.

There's always that one person in your building that heavily relies on the vending machines in the lounge.

Opened windows are essential during the summer due to a lack of A/C.

Dons will bust your party if they find out about it. You'll probably head to a Laurier party instead.

You'll encounter the occasional smellof cookies or brownies from someone's apartment and you might be inclined to befriend the tenants of that apartment.

The laundry rooms can get intense. Machine hogs and abandoned loads are common and will irritate you to your core.


Having A/C during the summer is an edge it will always have over UWP.

Being a resident in MKV means you got funds, bruh. $$$

Suite-style living could lead you to develop anti-social tendencies.

Some people only visit MKV to go through it because they're heading to a party at REV.

Sharing a living area and kitchenwith your roommates makes it likely that you'll experience conflicts, especially in regards to cleanliness.

Often times you'll know a party's going down in a certain room because you can hear the sound of ping pong balls bouncing as you pass by.



If you plan to walk to campus, prepare to get foot callouses. The walk to campus is rather long and brutal (especially in the Winter).

International students galore. CLV is like an unofficial international student settlement.

Even though it's far from campus, it's a great place to hold parties. Though, I'm not sure how many people are ever actually be down to make the trek.

BBQ parties in the summer are common.

Having to haul your laundry to the community centre just so you can wash your clothes is a hassle.


You get a lot of "You live where?" from other students.

You're bound to sign up for some intramural team with other residents.

Recent renovations means the dorm rooms are pretty nice.

You probably barely use the "My Pantry" area. Meal plans for the win.

Varsity athletes roaming the halls saves you trip to CIF because you can creep hot students within your very residence.

St. Jerome’s

Has one of the best meal plans among the residences on campus.

Low key parties take place even though the residence is relatively solemn due to religious affiliations.

Fields are often dominated by merciless geese. Groundhog sightings occasional.

A tight-knit community increases the likelihood that your floor mates will become friends for life.

St. Paul’s

If you have a double room, you'll get super close to your roommate. Literally. Your beds are right beside each other.

Summer term means Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks everywhere.

If you're an Environment student you'd probably like it here.

Conrad Grebel

As is the case with Renison, you also get a lot of "You live where?" from other students.

The food is great; particularly the cookies and chocolate milk.

Religious affiliations make for a non-party-friendly residence. The floors are unisex, however.

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