Photo cred - greatfoods

Brunch is the most important meal of the day, so it's good to do it up with style. When you're a student, the perfect hangover brunch is greasy, close to home, and cheap enough to not remind you how much you spent last night. Here is a selection of options that fit that ticket.

1. Future

With a 10% brunch discount for students between Monday and Friday, why would you not grab a weekday hangover brunch over at Future's?

2. Grapefruit Moon

Easily one of the better brunch places in the neighbourhood. Cheap, delicious, and a great selection of microbrews on tap if you wanna cure your hangover with a little hair of the dog.

3. Apollo 11

May not be much to look at, but don't let this greasy diner fool you. It has some of the best home fries in town.

Photo cred - Pour House Irish Pub

4. Pour House

Despite its name, Pour House is a little more expensive than a lot of the other places on this list, but it's definitely worth it. Great vibe, and great food.

5. Fanny Chadwicks

A popular spot among grad students, Fanny's got the bacon game on lock.

6. Rose and Sons

Rose and Sons is famous for its comfort food, and an absolutely brilliant pick if you're looking to treat yourself.

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