Drive in theatres are such an underrated date night. Blankets, popcorn, cold drink in hand, this old school classic is the perfect way to not only take a road trip with bae, but also spend a cozy night together. For a couple hours, it is just you and them catching a flick while the sunsets behind you.

This romantic date night, is just what you need as the summer closes out in the city to welcome the fall. Although Toronto only has about one drive-in theatre, there are many outside of it. Some of them might be a little farther than you'd like, but others are very close by. Any of the ones on this list make for the perfect date night!

5 Drive-In

Where: 2332 Ninth Line Rd // Oakville

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Why should you go: This Oakville drive-in is the perfect drive from Toronto for a date night. Rain or shine, this spot will always be open for you to getaway for an evening with bae!



Where: 893 Mt. Albert Rd. // Newmarket

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Why should you go: North of Toronto, in Newmarket, this theatre stays true to the 60s vibe, while showing the latest movies. It has the same ownership as the 5 Drive-In, so it's a safe bet that you will be in for a great night!


The Docks

Where: 176 Cherry St // Toronto Harbourfront

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Why should you go: If you do not want to venture out of the city, you can hit up this drive-in at the Toronto Pier. Surrounded by the city lights, this is a classic city meets old school vibe that will make it a very memorable night for you and your s/o.


Can-View Drive In

Where: 1956 Hwy 20 E. // Fonthill

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Why should you go: If you are down for a road trip, the drive to this theatre alone is worth the trip. Passing by the stunning wineries surrounding St. Catherines, this theatre is sure to be a memorable trip!


Muskoka Drive In

Where: 1001 Theatre Rd // Gravenhurst


Why should you go: Muskoka is one of the most gorgeous regions north of Toronto and a host to this drive in. Surrounded by the changing of the leaves around you, romance will be alive and well when visiting this drive in!


Sunset Barrie Drive-In

Where: 134 4 Line S. // Barrie

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Why should you go: Major cozy vibes will surround you and the cool breeze of the fall night paired with the lake winds make this the perfect excuse to really snuggle up with bae while catching one of the latest flicks or an old school classic.