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6 Flawless Salons In The GTA You Need To Visit If You Want The Perfect Colour At A Great Price

Don't even lie, there is no worse feeling on this earth than spinning around in your hairdresser's chair, facing the mirror... and having to fight off tears because the color you thought you were going to love has turned out horribly, horribly wrong. 

Although this nightmare scenario might have happened to everyone once or twice in their lives... well, there's no reason it has to anymore.

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via @matrix

There are tons of salons in Toronto (and area!) that specialize in making sure their clients get the perfect color, always. They want their customers to be happy and look trendy, so they get it so, so right - the first time.

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So whether you're feeling ombre hair, a balayage, a bright pastel, or anything in between, trust the Toronto salons that use the highest quality products in the industry, along with the best colorists who have been trained to the tee and want nothing more but to make sure you rock your best hair.

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Powder Puff Salon // 680 Pape Av

This adorable salon right on Pape and Danforth Avenues is hands down one of the most awesome salons to get your colour done. Plus, everyone knows the best prices are in neighbourhood salons - and this awesome salon has one of the best real, authentic vibes around.

Sure, they can give you an incredibly rich and glorious solid colour, no worries. But what if you want a color melt? A bronde ombre? Unicorn hair?!

Well, prepare to say "no worries" to all of that (and more!), too. Powder Puff uses Matrix products to make sure you're getting the highest quality color in the industry for the fairest price, and their stylists know exactly what it is they're doing. Meaning you can walk out of here looking trendy and fresh, and feeling like the confident star you always were.

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Todd Austin // 177 Avenue Road

Chances are, you know at least one person in your life who is a super loyal client of this salon.

Chances also are that this person has the best hair you've ever had the privilege of beholding, since getting a color at Todd Austin is pretty much the best decision anyone could ever make for their hair, thanks to the unstoppable one-two punch of colorists who have skill and lots of experience, and products that are easy on your hair and super high-quality.

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Headway Hairstylists // 21 Oak St, North York

"Headway Hairstylists" is probably the new synonym for "pure magic", since somehow, the professionally trained stylists and colorists at this spot always get it right.

They always manage to not only dish out seriously trendy and beautiful hair, thanks to the sheer creativity of the colorists and the quality of the products, but Headway's staff will also totally transform your hair into something that matches and enhances your natural beauty. Add that in with their inexpensive pricing, and you've got a win/win situation on your hands.

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Tatiana's Hair // 45 La Rose Ave

It's alright to admit that your hair is your whole life. It is for a lot of people, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But it's also exactly why you should take the time to pick a hair salon that'll give you the best results possible the first time around.

Salons like Tatiana's Hair, in Etobicoke, use some of the best hair products in the whole industry and hire Matrix-trained hair professionals, making for a double whammy in hair coloring (and one seriously on fleek you). Plus this adorable, urban salon features stylists with experience in Europe and in Canada, so this place will make sure you're 100% on trend.

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Calia Hair // 3338 Yonge St & 223 Davenport Rd

This salon is loved by trendsetters and new and loyal customers alike, and it's not very hard to see why.

Calia tends to go the extra mile to make sure their clients are satisfied, whether you want a wild colour (pastels, anyone?), something less intense, or are looking to straight-up shake up your look. It has two locations in Toronto, and both are THE spots to go to for the newest looks and styles.

The staff at Calia is educated to the highest industry standards. They also use the highest quality products in the industry and really understand what their clients want - and they offer it for super affordable too! So, people looking for trendy AF hair, this one's for you.

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Kari Hair Studio // 2818 Victoria Park Av

This reliable, trendy North York hair studio has been around for a little while now, and if you've ever paid Kari Hair Studio a little visit, then you'll know exactly why.

The people you're trusting your hair with here are professional and super skilled and know exactly what products to use to make sure you leave the salon satisfied, happy, and looking cool as a cucumber. Or an ice cube. Whatever.

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All these Toronto salons have one thing in common: they all use Matrix's high-quality hair dye to achieve that trendy and cool hair look.

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And considering that colorists trained in the art of coloring by Matrix are the absolute best in the industry, trusting your precious hair to any one of these Toronto salons is a pretty awesome idea, and a surefire way to get hair you'll absolutely love.

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Click here to find the closest Matrix salon to you... and to learn more about Matrix, check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook!

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