There's no lazier activity than river tubing. It doesn't get any better than sitting in a donut, soaking up the rays, and letting the river's current flush your troubles away.

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Although several of the rivers in Ontario tend to have faster waters, there are still some rivers are 'lazy' enough for slow and easy river tubing. Here are 6 lazy rivers in Ontario for tubing:

Grand River // Paris, ON

The portion of the Grand River that runs through Paris, ON offers a calm current that's perfect for a relaxing tubing session. There are two 9-km routes available for your choosing, and each route is a one-way, 3- to 4-hr trip. The tubes you can rent are also turbo (that is, shaped like mini kayaks with an inflated cushion seat).

Kam River // Kakabeka Falls, ON

The Kam River gives tubers the best of both worlds - calm, lazy waters and breathtaking scenery. There is also a beach and BBQ area by the shore that groups can take advantage of.

Saugeen River // Hanover, ON

The Saugeen River in Hanover, ON is great for a family or group outing. The river sits next to a campsite where you are allowed to bring alcohol as long as you do not take it to the river for tubing. Tubers can enjoy a 45 min to 2-hr float in tubes or inflatable kayaks that seat two.

Vermillion River // Chelmsford, ON

Vermillion River features very peaceful waters and gorgeous surrounding plant life. Visitors can choose to lay back and relax on a tube, or ride in a kayak if they fancy a more physical activity.

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Credit River // Inglewood, ON

Although the Credit Valley Conservation Authority does not endorse navigation of the river, they did post a tip sheet for individuals looking to do so by canoe, kayak, raft or tubes. With some caution, tubing down Credit River can be a whole lot of fun (use alcohol at your own discretion!)

Elora Gorge // Elora, ON

The Elora Gorge is notorious for having some rougher currents and rapids, but there are various stretches of it that are calm and perfect for lazy tubing. Check out the Grand River Authority's website for more detailed information.

Honourable Mention: The Ganaraska River (holds a tubing event)

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