It is time to start layering. Before this article continues. Go. Layer. T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatshirt 2. This is Toronto, and it’s the only way not to flash freeze or witch melt into a pile of itchy wool knits.

Now that you’re ‘onioned’ (or ‘ogred’…can’t decide) let’s get our November under control. For optimal Toronto living, it is imperative that certain aspects of everyday life are working harmoniously. This is your 6 and your city:


1. Workout routine

Layer clothing this fall. They are easier to shed than man-made (person-made) layers. We are not bears; we can’t hibernate with just a shirt on and a depressed donkey. Time to throw in the obnoxious/could-be-true saying: "summer bodies are made in the winter."

2. Friends circle


The best thing about adulting is being able to craft the perfect social circle. You can be a master of your own social domain. Phase out the annoyings, always lates, and gossipers #SocialCircleObjectives.

3. Phone plan

Breaking up with people shouldn’t be easier than breaking up with your cell provider. Absolutely no relationships would begin if two-year contracts had to be signed from the get-go.

Public Mobile has a $40/month promotion, which only requires a three-month commitment (available starting October 25-November 20). It’s the ‘swiping right’ of cellphone plans. Even more so because the plan is packed with 4GB worth of fast swiping… left (guys, you should see what girls have to deal with), on Canada’s fastest 4G LTE network.

4. Coffee


Cellphone and coffee providers are working in cahoots to end having money. You need these things to have a job and you need a job to have these things. Public Mobile is the answer for cellphone providers (seriously, check’em out…@publicmobile), the coffee equivalent? You tell me? Please.

5. Commute

If you tell me your coffee hacks, I’ll tell you my P.A.T.H hacks. Commuting in Toronto is a pure craft. When you're lost in the underground city because there is no CN Tower to reference, let these colour-coded directions tricks be of assistance: Blue, rhymes with "true" north, things get red hot when you move south, when the sun rises in the east it is all yellow, and it is all orange when it sets in the west.

6. Music


Playlists can be the make-or-break to all of the above. Gym, parties, and commuting are only as strong as the playlists on your phone. And that very same phone that can be costing you a lot less!