Canadians were heartbroken when it was revealed that all 158 passengers onboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight were killed in a plane crash yesterday on March 10. 18 Canadians were among the victims. On Monday, it has been revealed that six members of an Ontario family were among the 18 Canadians killed in an Ethiopian plane crash.

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The plane crashed just minutes after it took off from Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. The flight operated on a Boeing 737-Max 8, which is an aircraft used by Canadian airlines like West Jet and Air Canada. 

The accident has claimed the lives of six members of a Brampton family. Two Ontario teenagers, Ashka Dixit and Anushka Dixit, were on a family vacation to Kenya before they were tragically killed in the plane crash. They were 13-years-old and 14-years-old respectively. 

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The two kids were travelling with their parents, 37-year-old Kosha Vaidya and 45-year-old Preit Dixit, and also their grandparents, Pannagesh Vaidya and Hansini Vaidya, according to CP24.

Manant Vaidya and wife Hiral Vaidya were absolutely heartbroken to hear that their parents, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces had been killed in the accident. CP24 spoke to them in an interview today. 

Kosha Vaidya had wanted to take her two daughters to Kenya and show them the place she grew up in. "She wanted to show her daughter where she was born – where she was delivered in the hospital and the safari was the place they were going to go enjoy the animals," Manant Vaidya told CP24.

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"With the March break this was the perfect opportunity for them to show them. They told my parents that if they would like to come as well but unfortunately my parents agreed as well and everybody in my family… they got lost."

Parents Kosha Vaidya and Preit Dixit lived with Manant Vaidya and his wife. "It’s a huge loss for us," Hiral Vaidya said in the interview. "We don’t know – it’s hard to recover from this. The house is very lonely. It’s very hard." They say that they are having a difficult time believing the reality of the situation. 

A Carleton professor, a mother and daughter from Edmonton, a Toronto woman working with the UN in Canada and more were also among the 18 Canadians killed in the tragic Ethiopian plane crash. Over 35 nationalities were represented in the victims of the tragic accident.