These aren't your typical Great Wolf Lodge Slides.  Canada is full of amazing spots to adventure, and we have compiled a list of 6 slides you need to hit up this summer.  These naturally formed water slides are only for those looking for an awesome adrenaline rush.

If you're looking for something a little more exciting than your local public pool, these spots are for you.  Be sure to bring your bathing suite and you closest group of friends.

This is the perfect excuse for a summer road trip.  Remember to wear a helmet and stay safe Toronto!

1. Lynn Valley Canyon // B.C.

This slide is not for those who are afraid of heights. This natural BC water slide ends in a 35 foot drop into a pool of water.

2. Barron River Natural Water Slide // Ontario

This natural slide is located in Ontario's Algonquin Park. This slide is a little bit more tame, but still insanely fun.

3. Ya-Ha Tinda Slides // Alberta

You'll have to go on a short hike to reach this natural slip and slide, but it will totally be worth it.

4. Gaspésie Natural Water Slide // Quebec

For safety reasons this natural slide requires some protective gear and the help from a guide. If you and you're friends are interested in visiting this beautiful watering hole at the base of this slide click here.

5. Ashton Creek Water Slides // B.C.

Ashton Creek water slides are located an hour from Fintry BC. Getting to the slides will require a bit of a hike, but once you reach the small pond the base there will be a rope along the side to help you reach the top of the slide.

6. Cascade Falls // BC

You'll find this slide in Cascade Regional Park. The park is open April/May - Oct/Nov (weekends only). CascadeRegional Park also offers boulder jumping and natural caves to explore in addition to this natural slide.

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