A seasonal fling is a staple on the ideal summer bucket list. Maybe you met your temporary bae at the beach, or at camp, or while you were rolling your way through the half-naked crowds of Veld. There is an endless list of venues and events in Toronto that have sparked  Lust-At-First-Sight this summer. However, since most summer romances fade faster than tanlines, there are also a long list of heartbreak hubs in the city. Here are our top six spots that you may want to hit up to end your summer fling before heading back to school this September:

1. The CNE

If you are currently under the impression that the CNE is a great date spot you need to rethink your love life. There is nothing romantic about deep fried butter. Bring your summer hookup here for a quick and easy dump 'n ditch before you get separated in the bustling crowds. Don't waste any time feeling guilty; your soon-to-be-ex will have an overwhelming number of comfort food options to console themselves with. (Cake poutine anyone?)

2. Bar Hopping On College St.

Alcohol is an absolute necessity in any breakup. Either down a couple beers to get the final goodbye conversation flowing, or rail a few tequila shots to drown your single sorrows in. Bonus: you can let your date cry into their whiskey sour without having to worry about awkward run-ins with all your BarStar pals. They'll likely be club hopping on King St. that night.

Photo cred - Sinead O

3. Toronto Island

It's well known that Toronto Island is a popular spot among millennials for concerts, nude beaches, and outdoor hookups (if this is news to you we recommend you find a more adventurous summer fling next year). If you and your boo are ending things on a good note head to the island in hopes of some risqué breakup sex. Be warned: you should always be aware of how soon the next ferry leaves the island... just incase things don't go as planned.

4. The TTC

Timing. Is. Everything. If you have the time management capabilities to drop a short and sweet "it's not you, it's me" just before slipping out at your stop; go for it.

5. The ROM

Is your summer bae an intellectual? Or a hipster that enjoys posting intellectually minded instas at art galleries? If you answer yes to either question take your date to the new Pompeii exhibit at the ROM and let them know that the future of your relationship is about as hopeless as the lost civilization's.

6. Via Text

Ah, old faithful. If you are a traditionalist this is by far the easiest and most common way to make your lack of commitment to the relationship clear. It is quite possibly the most successful platform to execute an effective breakup since your ex will be too offended to try and salvage any sort of relationship afterwards. You can anticipate a Twitter and Instagram unfollow after this one.