6 Real Struggles You Face Every Day Living In The Annex

Have fun wading through the froshies.

Photo cred - silly-luv

Life in the Annex is pretty sweet, and it's hard to really find anything to complain about. Lots of great food around, excellent proximity to fun neighbourhoods, and a pretty young population make this one of the better places to live in the city. But of course, there's always those little struggles that can make it a bit of a pain.

1. Froshies

Every September, all neighbourhoods in close proximity to U of T get flooded with froshies. It's not cute.

2. The cafe bubble

There's little cafes all over the Annex, and if you're not careful, you can find yourself wasting tons of money on small quantities of fare trade coffee over the course of any given week.

3. Catching a bus

The Annex is a neighbourhood lucky enough to have several subway stations within it (Dupont, Bathurst, and Spadina), but if you're in need of a bus, you're not gonna have a good time. The 26 runs once every half hour, and the Bloor bus is a crowded mess.

4. Wasting your whole paycheck on brunch

There's a ton of amazing brunch places in this neighbourhood. They're all so close by, and they're relatively cheap. If you don't watch yourself, you will waste a lot of money on them.

5. Dodging bikes

There's a disproportionate amount of cyclists in the Annex, and sometimes it can feel like they're all riding around outside of your apartment. Always look both ways!

6. Winding roads

Kendal Ave curves off into a cul de sac in a really annoying way. Walmer Road is loopy, and eventually turns into Robert Street. Even Brunswick ave gets cut off randomly by a skating rink. The Annex is full of winding roads that change identities, and when you invite people to visit you, it's a perfect recipe for getting them lost.

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