The Toronto Maple Leafs are known to fail and disappoint their fans season after season. Unfortunately for Vancouver Canucks fans, Leafs fans take their frustration and anger out on them making it incredibly tough to be a Canucks fan in Toronto. 

As a Canucks fan in Toronto, I know firsthand how tough it really is. So, here are the top 6 struggles every Canucks fan in Toronto goes through on a daily basis...

1. No Cup

We're constantly reminded that the Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups and we've won 0. Leafs fans, the Leafs won their last cup in 1967 - that's 48 years ago.

2. Canucks Gear Not Allowed In TO

Whether it's a Canucks jersey, t-shirt, or just a hat, it's impossible to wear any Canucks gear without being hated on.

3. The Swedish Touch

We're constantly told that are the Sedins are "garbage" or "useless". The hate on the Sedins is actually ridiculous in this city.

4. The Canucks Went All The Way FOUR Nothing

We're constantly reminded that we lost the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins after a 4-0 loss in game 7 of the finals. But Leafs fans don't seem to remember the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs and how they lost to the Bruins in game 7 of the conference quarterfinals after an epic collapse.

Photo cred - Richard Lam

5. That Time We Burnt Down Our City

"At least we don't burn down our city" - every Leafs fan. No matter how many years pass, Leafs fans will always use the riots against us.

6. The Canucks Can Never Win

Doesn't matter how well the Canucks are doing, if they have just one bad game, Leafs fans are the first to taunt us about it.

Currently, the Canucks sit in 13th place in the league with 84 points. Meanwhile, the Leafs sit in 27th place with 60 points, and have absolutely no hope of making the playoffs. And just a few days ago, the Canucks easily beat the Leafs 4-1. So, Leafs fans, it might be time to stop hating on the Canucks and start cheering for them. After-all, we are all Canucks.