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6 Summer Jobs That Pay You To Work With Your Friends

That's squad with a capital $.
6 Summer Jobs That Pay You To Work With Your Friends

Work work work work work - Rihanna gets us. We all have to get our hustle on, how else are we going to fund our fabulous millennial patio hopping lifestyle? Sometimes though that 9-5 doesn't seem really worth the reward when you're confined to the #views of your 6 by 6 ft solo cubicle.

This isn't some inspirational post about finding your potential; because let's be real sometimes a job is just a job, but it doesn't mean you can't make it a little fun. Don't degrade yourself to the lonely dude in the corner of the office plugging in numbers all day (which to be honest is the start to an angtsty f*ck the man revolution) and check out the ways you can work with your crew to make your 9-5 seem more like a 9pm to 5am.

Plus it's unofficially confirmed that working with friends leaves you happier and with better skin, so happy working squad!

1. Camp Counselor

You're outdoors, surrounded by your best friends, and for some reason your seen as the capable responsible role model for the adoring children you lead around all day. Half teenage dream, half White Hot American Summer, working at a summer camp is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever have. You learn so many more skills then you would behind a "real job" because your thrown into real life situations. Bonus is 50 percent of those situations involve face paint (so Coachella!), and about 100 percent involve being with your best friends, sounds like a nice set up to me.

Find Jobs At Overnight Camps Here: Onondaga Camp, YMCA Camps, Camp Oconto, Kilcoo Camp

Find Jobs At Day Camps Here: City Of Toronto

2. Promotional Modelling

This is the ideal job for anyone who aspires to becoming the real life version of adoring fans dream crush. You get paid to look stunning (which you do daily anyways), give away free product (so people love you more), and you work with other people who are guaranteed to be outgoing/fun because how else would they be hired to talk to people?! Win win.

Find Jobs Here: Femme Fatale Media, Mosaic

3. College Pro Painter

Okay, so it's not like you'll be able to add "Picasso" to your resume. But your working with other people your age, enjoying the weather and being able to have a good time while learning how to actually get shit done? Makes this job a needed addition to the list.

Find Job Here: College Pro Painter

4. Server

There's something about bonding over the anger of the mandatory dumping a customers plate of untouched fries, crabby customers, and hot ones that really create a bond with your other serving staff. With waitressing, you automatically have something in common, and because of the sometimes insane hours you find yourself new things to bond over (ie. your hallucinations from exhaustion). Some places have a more competitive atmosphere, so we recommend going for more of a pub or patio vibe to have a place to joke around and work with your friends.

Find Jobs Here: Workopolis

5. Catering Company

I know what you're thinking, I want to go to the party not work it! But let's be real; you ain't gonna be invited to every event the city holds, at least through this you can pretend you we're there, work with friends, and who knows? Maybe by the end of the night you'll be able to butter someone up enough (please not literally or you'll be fired) to snag an invite to the next party.

Find Jobs Here: Indeed

7. Lifeguard

We all know you're capable, but there's a good chance that you're not going to be trusted to watch a pool of fun loving kids by yourself- in come the friends! Not only are you working outside, learning responsibility, but what better way to meet people then to be shoved into forced shifts with them! Besides, like FRIENDS taught us, what's a ship that never ever sinks? FRIENDSHIP! (Ya, I'm cringing too) But in all seriousness, if your responsible and have the right qualifications, this may be the best job for you (just remember that you actually have know...make sure the swimmers are okay first).

Find Jobs Here: City Of Toronto , Indeed

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