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6 Tips On How To Be More Photogenic From A Toronto Model

Not everyone is as gifted as models like Kendall Jenner to be able to look effortlessly cool while strutting in public and casually snapping a selfie. I'm sure most of us just roll out of bed with our messy buns and reach for that morning coffee like the grumpy dwarf from Snow White, not even daring to open our selfie cameras, but that can change!

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Toronto based Model Valeria Lipovetsky goes over six important but easy tips on how you too can always be photo ready! 

via @valerialipovetsky

1. Perfect Lighting

For outdoor photos she says to make sure you're not too overexposed in the sunlight. Shaded areas are a safe spot and steers you away from having squinty eyes. When indoors, being near a window adds a glow thanks to the natural lighting!

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2. The Right Inspiration

Finding inspiration is very easy when you've got a helpful friend named social media. Looking at your favourite models and Instagram accounts can act as a guide on how you want your photo aesthetic to be.

via @valerialipovetsky

3. Posture

When you want take a full body pose, make sure that your legs are slightly parted, and swing your weight to the left side so that it forms a silhouette. You can try doing this in different angles and sides to play around with your posture.

via @valerialipovetsky

Pro Tip:

via @valerialipovetsky

4. Emotion

This one's super important! Find the emotions and facial expressions that represent you, and make sure they are authentic. No fake smiles!

via @valerialipovetsky

5. Invisible High Heels

Gently lift your heels, this especially works when you're not wearing heels. This will keep your look natural, while adding a little bit of height and the appearance of longer legs.

via @valerialipovetsky

6. Use your angles!

Instead of taking what looks like 20 pictures of what looks like the same selfie, be sure to move around, change your angles and the placement of your face and/or body.

You can check out her full video on YouTube here where she goes through all of the steps to taking the perfect selfie!

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