Alcohol has the magical ability to change a person completely. One moment you'll be hiding in the corner, next thing you know you're dancing on the bar.

Have you realized the type of alcohol you drink affects your night out? Well there is truth behind it all because different booze gives you different moods.

Before going out, choose your alcohol accordingly based on where you are and who you're with. To help you make this decision, take a look at this list of 6 types of drunk you'll get depending on what you drink:

Beer Drunk

Freshman 15, comes from no other then beer. People end up drinking more beer because it isn't as strong as other alcohol but it can get you really f*cked up if you drink an excessive amount. There are many activities that make drinking beer so much fun and encourage drinking. Beer pong, flip cup, slap cup, keg stands etc... If you can't understand what someone is saying, they've most likely drank a 24.


Beer is cheaper

It keeps your kidneys healthy

Side effects:

You'll most likely be bloated and gassy.

Too much beer = hello beer belly.

Vodka Drunk

Yes, you can taste the difference between good and cheap vodka. The sh*tty type of vodka burns your throat like rubbing alcohol, especially when you're taking shots. Expect a loud and fun person that is down to do anything if they're vodka drunk. And please, keep your vodka in the freezer (it tastes so much better.)


40% alcohol is better then 5%.

Some people can get drunk off 5 shots

Side effects:

Dances on tables

A mild hangover

Obnoxious behaviour

Wine Drunk

One of the reasons people love drinking wine, is because they think they look classy drinking it. Wine is safe and reliable but the spins can hit you out of no where. It has the ability to cheer you up when you are down but it can also drown you in tears. Best part of it all - no one will judge you for having a glass of wine mid day (perhaps a bottle over lunch)


Your parents won't think you're an alcoholic

Wine and cheese events are the best

Netflix and wine?

Side effects:

Emotional breakdowns

Can cause headaches

White girl/boy wasted

You'll fall asleep anywhere

Whiskey Drunk

Whiskey is a popular choice for dark liquor and sometimes things can get out of hand. People tend to be aggressive and turn into a completely different persona when they consume an excessive amount of whiskey. They'll most likely get into a physical fight or verbally insult the easiest target. There's a serious love-hate relationship between whiskey and people.


It can help you loose weight

There's a huge variety

Improves immune system

Side effects:

Aggressive behaviour

Irrational decision making = ex.streaking

You might have problems down there gentleman.

Terrible Hangover

Tequila Drunk

Party is here! For most people, tequila comes at the end of the night when they're already drunk but they don't realize it. And tequila doesn't come in single shots, they all come together. You have shots after shots after shots and BAM - you black out.


Tequila is an upper

It makes people happy

You'll bond with strangers

Side effects:

You'll be that savage party monster

Eyes are half closed

A blackout is guaranteed

Extreme hangover

Can lead to a one night stand


Those bubbles can cause a whole lot of trouble. Champagne seems innocent and all, but once you mix it with other alcohol, game is over. Good luck getting out of bed the next morning because champagne gives the worst hangovers. However, you'll get from 0 to 100 really quick and have plenty of fun drinking champagne. The carbon dioxide absorbs alcohol into your blood quicker, consequently allowing you to get drunk faster.


You'll be classy and sassy

A bottle should be enough

Guaranteed a jolly attitude

Side effects:

Worst hangover EVER

You'll have sticky hair from champagne showers the next morning