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6 Vital Details You Need To Know About Toronto's 6 New TTC Stations Opening This Sunday

After ten years in the making, the TTC's Line 1 extension finally opens this Sunday, marking the official launch of six new subway stations servicing the GTA.

And with these new stations come some new rules and details that will definitely impact the way you travel. As of Sunday morning, riders will be able to travel as far north as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station near Jane Street and Highway 7. Stops along the way include Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, and Highway 407.

As the new stations officially open for their first busy Monday morning, commuters can expect for things to be slightly slower than usual while people get accustomed to the new stations.

But there are some vital new details that every rider traveling to the new stations needs to know. Here are some of the most important details to know if you're planning on using the new stations next week.

1. Is there parking?

The short answer to this is yes. TTC announced that there will be a total of about 3,000 parking spots available between the new stations. Pioneer Village has the most parking, with 1,881 spaces. More parking is also expected to be included at these stations over time. The new stations will also include dedicated bicycle parking.

Best of all, TTC is offering FREE parking at the new stations until April!!

2. How much longer will it take to get from the first to last station on Line 1?

Traveling from the first (Vaughan Metropolitan Centre) station to the last (Finch Station)will take 13 minutes longer, making an overall Line 1 commute 79 minutes.

3. I can buy my tokens and Metropass at these stations, right?

Wrong. The six new stations will be the first in TTC history to not have toll booths. Instead, Customer Service Agents will be around the station offering assistance to anyone who needs it.

So then, how do you pay? Riders can use their tokens, Metropass, PRESTO card or exact cash to pay their fare. But the stations will not be selling Metropasses, tickets or tokens;those will have to be purchased elsewhere. However, they will sell Presto cards and have stations where you can top up your card.

4. Will transit be faster?

In theory, yes. The new stations along the Line 1 extension were built with an advanced signalling system that allows trains to run more frequently and closer together. And with plenty of space at each station, all were built as fully-accessible transit hub.

5. Will there be Wi-Fi?

You bet there will be! All six new stations have Wi-Fi and enhanced cellular service, meaning no more dropped calls for transit users!


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