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With Spring just around the corner, there's no better time to make good on those fading New Year resolutions and work off some of that hibernation insulation that this winter has forced us all to acquire. For most of us, the idea of getting into shape means expensive membership cards, long hours spent on boring cardio machines, and taking plenty of gym selfies to make sure people know it happened. But living an active and healthy lifestyle is more than just doing reps and sets. It can be as easy as incorporating a little more physical activity into your daily routine, being more conscious of the activities you're already doing, or taking advantage of Toronto's many alternative fitness options available to you.

While biking to work and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are a good start, it's easy to lose motivation unless you can actually measure the effects it's having on your body. Tracking your progress is crucial when it comes to turning goals into consistent and prolonged lifestyle changes. The right tech will not only show you real-time results but also make your life so much easier.

That's why we asked TELUS for advice on the latest in wearable health technology suitable for out-of-the-gym activities. Their established team of Health Tech Trainers are trained to provide expert 1-on-1 counsel on how to do more with your wearable fitness tech, and, more importantly, choose the right one for you.

Here's what we recommend:

1. Indoor Trampoline Park

Re-visit your childhood by trading in the treadmill for a room made out of trampolines. Trampolines are not only fun but they are an excellent form of low-impact exercise. Track all those burned calories using the Fitbit Flex, increase your metabolism, better your immune system and effectively shape and train your muscles (especially your butt) at the same time. Heading to one of the trampoline gyms across Toronto and the GTA provides you with a full-body workout all while playing around like a kid.

2. Take Advantage of the Healthy Food Options Our City Has To Offer

Toronto is a great city for people wanting to make better choices when it comes to eating out. The city has a ton of great options including vegan and raw food restaurants, juice bars and smoothie havens. When you want to do something good for your body, eating well and feeding your body properly is more than half the battle. Try one of the 3 'Fresh' restaurant locations for a delicious, nutritious and satisfying meal or Bolt on Queen W for a colourful juice or smoothie. Your Fitbit scale will be thanking you and sending shock waves to your iPhone in no time!

3. Join Night Terrors Run Crew Toronto

If you're looking for a free way to work out and meet some cool people along the way, you've got to join Night Terrors Run Crew. NTRC is not an average run club - consider them more of a group of adventurers - they start together at Trinity Bellwoods Park and run through Toronto, with no one getting left behind. While running, the crew stop at cool places along the way including festival spots, street art murals, historical buildings, nature trails and food spots you wouldn't normally visit letting people know you can do it too. Just lace up, be open to explore your city and burn some calories while you're at it. The NRTC are very active on social media so bring along the super lightweight Belkin Arm band to store your phone, cash and keys. To get started, check them out on Facebook.

4. Participate in the Toronto Donut Ride

If you would rather enjoy the outdoors versus being inside a cramped gym, try joining the Toronto Donut Ride, an informal group of the city's cyclists. The group gets together with their bikes, year-round, so long as the weather is slightly permitting, and take rides in groups reaching between 100 and 150 people along the way. Cyclists are free to join along the route and fall off as they see fit. For days when you need a little extra motivation bring along your Jabra sport wireless headphones to get the push you need without getting slowed down by tangled wires.

5. Surfset TO

Toronto is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing to get fit but Surfset Toronto can help you open your mind to that possibility. If your body just doesn't seem to be responding at the gym to the same mundane exercises, it may be time to shock your system by working it in ways it isn't used to. Use the Jawbone to track how your body is progressing and improving each day. Surfing is a tough sport, especially if your balance isn't the greatest, so test yourself with something new and challenging.

6. Off the Wall Yoga

Exactly as it sounds. Pop royalty, Madonna, recently brought Hard Candy Fitness to Toronto and while it may be a gym by definition it is definitely not your traditional room of treadmills and exercise bikes. The studio offers dance classes to the tune of Madonna songs as well as this new genre of yoga that literally puts you dangling from the wall, working even more of your core than traditional yoga. Be sure to keep track of just how much your body is working with the Fitbit Charge.

How do you get fit in Toronto?