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With good things come hard times.

Yes, you heard it, Toronto women are the coolest. There's no denying that.

While not all of us are high maintenance, there are still a lot of struggles that come along with dating chicks from Toronto. Lo and behold, here are 7 real struggles of dating Toronto women.

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Everything is expensive

You're not taking her to the Urban Eatery, there are so many better date spots to go in Toronto. Cabbing ain't too easy on your wallet either. Unless you go dutch on everything, the struggle is real. This also depends on whether your girl is low or high maintenance.

They love food... Expensive food

Again, unless you go dutch, your wallet will be crying after all that sushi and butter chicken and dumplings you'll be paying for.

They think they're better than everyone else

Toronto women are undeniably hotter than women anywhere else, and they think they're better than everyone else. That's not to say that they're picky. In fact, a survey in 2013 said that Toronto women were the least picky.

They're always on their phones

You're trying to have a nice, romantic date but she's constantly on her phone checking her social media and you're left wondering if she's really swiping guys on Tinder in front of your face. WTF dude.

When they party, they party hard

Something girls probably aren't too fond of either of their counterparts. Unless you both party hard – power to you, wild party couple.

Photo cred – Scott Kinmartin

They complain about everything

I'm cold. I have to pee. I'm hungry. Toronto girls like to complain, and there's nothing you can do to change that. You just have to accept it and love us for our annoying selves.

They're always busy doing something

You want to see them, but they never have time for you, and truth is, you probably don't have time for them. Whether they're working on their fitness or actually working, they're too busy for you. Having to schedule plans sucks.

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