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6 Best Toronto Ramen Places To Warm You Up

Our favourite type of men are ramen.
6 Best Toronto Ramen Places To Warm You Up

Ahhhh ramen:The traditional Japanese food that has found it's way into our hearts.

Why is it that Torontonians love this noodle dish so much? Perhaps it's because we've gotten so used to it during our college years, or maybe because it pairs so well with our cold winters? Whatever the case, we have made it our mission to find the best spots in the city to indulge in delicious ramen:

Momofuku Noodle Bar // 190 University Ave

Located in the Shangri-La Hotel, Noodle Bar is part of the Momofuku family of restaurants, which includes Milk Bar, Momofuku Shoto and Momofuku Daisho. Along with quick and delicious ramen, they also offer great steamed buns and slushie cocktails, complete with "bubble-tea" straws.

Our go-to ramen: Momofuku Ramen – pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, egg .

Ramen Isshin // 421 College Street

Ramen Isshin, which translates to "one heart, one ramen", has truly captured our hearts. It gives a great selection of ramen dishes, including several vegetarian options, as well as appetizers and desserts.

Our go-to-ramen: Black Sesame Tan Tan Ramen- sesame blend, fried pork, chives, bok choi, pork belly cha shu, green onions, black sesame seeds.

Kinton Ramen // 5165 Yonge Street

Kinton Ramen has become somewhat of a Toronto institution, with 5 locations all over the city. Here, you build your own delicious ramen step by step: from the brothe, to the flavour, to the noodle, to the meat and finally to any additional toppings your heart desires. They also offer cold ramen, which is almost more of a ramen salad, definitely something new to try.

Our-g0-to-ramen: any ramen with the extra topping of "jalapeño paste".

Kenzo Ramen // 671 Queen Street West 

Chances are you've already tried Kenzo Ramen at one time or another due to their total Toronto domination, with 4 locations in the Six and 1 in Mississauga. The noodles are made fresh in-house which is a definite bonus, while the sauces are made over a 3-month period to ensure that they are as flavourful as possible!

Our go-to ramen: Netsu Ramen-your choice of ground pork or chicken with loads of stir fried vegetables.

Touhenboku Ramen // Many locations 

The founder of this chain of ramen restaurants was actually trained at a Japanese ramen-school, with his first Toukenboku opening in Tokyo, so you know this stuff is good. What sets them apart is their broth is a traditional, slow-cooked chicken broth.

Our go-to ramen: Black Garlicky Ramen-Original Touhenboku Ramen with special garlic sauce blend.

Santouka Ramen // 91 Dundas Street East 

The original Santouka Ramen was established all the way back in 1988, and us Torontonians are lucky to have one of their international locations. Their secret ingredient? Their signature Toroniku char-siu pork that uses only the "rarest of the rare" pork jowl.

Our go-to ramen: Tonkotsu Ramen- the classic ramen topped with pork belly, a soft boiled egg, black fungus and green onion.

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