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7 Cute DIY Cafés You Can Get Creative At In Toronto

Feel like a kid again.

Remember those days in elementary school when it seemed like all you ever had to concern yourself with was making presents for your parents at every holiday? For many of you, "art time" was probably your favourite time of the day because it meant less math and more Elmer's glue.

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You're never too old to indulge in a good arts and crafts project. For those looking to revisit their childhood years, here are 7 cute DIY cafés you can visit:

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The Purple Purl // 1162 Queen St E

The Purple Purl is a great place to enjoy hot refreshments while learning the art of knitting. It offers a variety of drop-in sessions that are suitable for knitters of all levels.

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Paint Cabin // 723 Gerrard St E

Paint Cabin is a paint workshop that doubles as a café. You can grab one of their awesome brews anytime during the day, and come back at night for open studio paint sessions.

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Redfish Bluefish Café // 73 Harbord St

Redfish Bluefish Café is a child-friendly cafe that has a free craft table that guests can use. Enjoy a hot beverage and snack while you get creative with the materials on their craft wall.

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Art Square Café // 334 Dundas St W

Art Square Café is both an art gallery and coffee shop. Drop-in paint sessions on various nights and they sell a variety of tasty goods, including hand-made chocolates.

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Repair Café // 1515 Albion Rd

Repair Café is a special program held at the Albion branch of the Toronto Public Library. On October 22, people can drop in and learn how to repair various things, from clothes to electronics.

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Seesaw Café // 1142 Davenport Rd

Seesaw Cafe is a multipurpose shop that sells coffee and also serves as a workspace for woodworking. Learn to create a variety of décor items while enjoying a hot cup of joe!

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Fusion Artz Café // 1767 Avenue Rd

Fusion Artz Café offers various hands-on classes, including pottery, ceramics and painting. Drop-in sessions are available for people of all ages and skills.

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