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7-Eleven Is Shutting Down Stores All Across Toronto

And customers aren't happy about it.
7-Eleven Is Shutting Down Stores All Across Toronto

You may want to start looking for another convenient store to buy your staple goods at. Toronto's list of 7-Elevens are quickly shrinking, and customers aren't happy about it.

Stores all across the city are quietly shutting down one by one. Last month, the East York Chronicle reported that the 24 hour 7-Eleven at 975 Danforth Ave had "closed suddenly". At the time, its doors and windows had been boarded over but it was still listed on 7-Eleven's corporate website. It has since been removed.

Now, the 7-Eleven at 1151 Queen St. E. is shutting down too, according to a regular customer. 

They wrote on Reddit: "Canadian 7-Eleven locations are corporate owned. In a business descision, the Queen and Jones location will be closing. The location at Danforth and Donlands has already closed. Everyone I spoke with in line has been saddened to hear this."

"I'm a shift worker and work outdoors; like TTC, Police, Public Works employees etc.," he continued. "We'll be sad to not have 24hr places to see a friendly clerk, use bathrooms and get snacks when on the job."

The pundit added that the date of closing has been pegged as December 13 and the lot has already been sold.

With news that Metro is also closing some of its 24 hour stores after the minimum wage hike, Toronto's options for reliable corner stores dwindling. It's not clear how many stores 7-Eleven will be closing.

The location at 1151 Queen St. E. is still listed online and 7-Eleven has yet to reply to a request for comment regarding store closures in Toronto. 

In response to the closures, 7-Eleven sent us a statement saying: “7-Eleven is committed to our Ontario customers and employees.  We continue to optimize our store base as a regular course of business.  We look forward to serving our Ontario customers for many years to come.”

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