7 Family Channel Stars Then And Now

All grown up.
7 Family Channel Stars Then And Now

When I look back on my childhood, I have to admit that afternoons spent watching Family Channel were a huge part of it. My sister and I could barely agree on anything, but the one thing that we did have in common was our obsession with Life With Derek. 

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When I was reminiscing about these classic Family Channel shows with her just the other day, we wondered where many of the Canadian actors had ended up. I decided to do some digging to find out just what they've been up to. 

Radio Free Roscoe

Kate Todd // Lily on Radio Free Roscoe

You'll recognize Kate as the lead girl on Radio Free Roscoe, the TV show that ran on Family from 2003-2005. After Radio Free Roscoe, Todd went on to act in another Family Channel original: Life With Derek. These days, Todd is pursuing a career in music. Her song "Anywhere With You" was recently nominated for the Canadian Songwriting Competition.

Life With Derek

Michael Seater // Derek on Life With Derek

After playing the title character in Life With Derek, Michael Seater went on to act in several TV shows. He made his directorial debut in 2015 with the film People Hold On and followed it with 2016's Sadie's Last Days On Earth.

Ashley Leggat // Casey on Life With Derek

After Life With Derek wrapped, Ashley Leggat starred as Baby in a Toronto stage production of Dirty Dancing and even acted in her on-screen brother Michael Seater's film People Hold On. Leggat recently gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Olivia.

Darcy's Wild Life 

Sara Paxton // Darcy on Darcy's Wild Life 

After playing city-turned-country girl Darcy, Sara Paxton rose to prominence with roles in films like Aquamarine and Sydney White. Next up for Paxton is a role in the upcoming TV series Twin Peaks. 

Charlotte Arnold // Sadie on Naturally Sadie 

After starring in the title role on Naturally Sadie, Charlotte Arnold spent seven years on the T.V. show Degrassi as Holly J. Sinclair, for which she won a Gemini Award. She currently acts in the Amazon TV show Patriot.