7 Best Places To Meet Someone New In Toronto Every Day Of The Week

Because no one wants to say they met their S/O on Tinder.
7 Best Places To Meet Someone New In Toronto Every Day Of The Week

Dating in a big city like Toronto can be difficult. Where do people even meet one another nowadays? No one is looking for their future husband/wife when they go to the club. And no one wants to say they met their significant other through an online dating site either. But with young, millennials what other options are there? We are all so focused on how we appear on Instagram and going out every Friday night that little time is left to find and pursue romantic relationships.

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People don't date anymore not because they don't want to, but because they don't know where to get a date in the first place. Bars aren't ideal options, but hopefully some of the places listed below will provide more opportunities to meet people and make genuine connections. The key to maximizing your chances of meeting someone special wherever you find yourself is to keep your eyes open and your head up - half of the battle of spontaneously meeting someone as you go about your day is to be open to the possibility of it happening.

Here is a list of places to go and activities to do in Toronto for every day of the week to meet new people, like your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

Monday: Open Gym Parkour @ The Monkey Vault // 100 Symes Road

Sure, you could just keep attending your regular yoga class at GoodLife, hoping you will meet a potential S/O or you could try a new fitness trend. Parkour is so fun you won't believe it is actually a workout. Most people think a gym is a bad place to meet someone new, but it is really a hotbed of like-minded people of a similar age with similar goals. Doing physical activities, like parkour, are not only fun but also provide an easy, comfortable setting to talk to someone. If you are still attracted to him/her after getting all sweaty and smelly, you need to make a move because you two might have a future together. Every successful fitness story has one thing in common: a support system. Like relationships, supporting one another and being there when you are needed is key. The people you meet at the gym are those kinds of people in relationships.

Tuesday: Karaoke @ Junction City Music Hall // 2907 Dundas St W

Most people cringe at the idea of karaoke as there are few things more embarrassing than belting out the lyrics to a classic Spice Girls tune when you are 100 per cent certain you are tone deaf. It takes a lot of courage to put oneself out there and sing their heart out, but once it happens, there is little else that can make that person nervous. Karaoke breaks down barriers when it comes to meeting new people. If you are a terrible singer and so is the person after you, there is nothing stoping you from going and talking to them. The crowd is in it together, for better or for worse. Karaoke takes all the awkwardness out of a situation, making way for the development of genuine connections.

Wednesday: Trivia Night @ The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W

Yes, this activity does take place at a bar, however, there is a big difference between going to a bar for trivia night versus going to a bar in a general sense. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "trivia nights are just for geeks and nerds," but that really is not the case. From general trivia to more specific genres, The Drake Hotel hosts a trivia night every Wednesday with major prizes. Everyone at a trivia night is looking to get involved and have fun. Showing up to trivia night solo gives you the opportunity to join a team of people whom you have never met before and see if you have a connection of any kind. Come engage in a little friendly competition and don’t forget to flirt. There is nothing sexier than someone who knows what they are talking about.

Thursday: Books and Beer Book Club @ Pauper's Pub // 539 Bloor St W

Warning: this is not your Grandmother's average book club. Books and Beer combines two great things: good beer and classic novels to create a book club that shatters the stereotypes of all other book clubs. If you enjoy reading, joining a book club can be a great way to find a love interest who shares that same enjoyment. It is easy to strike up a conversation about what is on his/her current reading list, plus a couple pints can help ease those initial nerves. It is actually fairly simple: you read, you share opinions, you find similarities, you hit it off, you flirt a little, you go on a few dates, you fall in love... Okay, I'll stop now and let you see for yourself.

Friday: Friday Night Live @ The ROM // 100 Queens Park

Without art, the Earth is just "eh" and without someone the share that art with, life can be pretty bland. Friday Night Live takes place every fall at the Royal Ontario Museum and is one of Toronto's newest and favourite social destinations. With live entertainment, tasty food and fresh drinks, you can explore the galleries every Friday night and socialize with new people. Whether you are an art lover or not, an exhibit will give you an opportunity to chat with different people, get to know them, perhaps flirt a little and if the chemistry is just right, maybe it will turn into something more. It is easy to have a conversation when there are so many conversational exhibits to discuss.

Saturday: Paint Workshops @ Paintlounge // multiple locations

The paint nights and events held by Paintlounge are classics when it comes to mixers, however, you can also meet new people at one of their weekend paint workshops. Unlike the events, the workshops help you develop your paint skills and learn new techniques while still having a good time. Workshops create a no-pressue kind of environment because everyone is there to learn, making it an even playing field - no one goes to a workshop because they are an expert. Compliment the guy beside you on his painting or help the girl next to you clean her brushes. It may not seem all that romantic, however, relationships aren't all fancy dinners and roses. Having a fun while doing ordinary tasks with someone is a true testament to how the relationship will be.

Sunday: Toronto Food Tour @ Foodies on Foot // multiple locations

There is no better way to cure a Sunday hangover than with a tour of some of Toronto's best eats. Known as Canada's tastiest event planners, Foodies on Foot hosts weekend food tours across Toronto to enjoy different food from all over the city. If you are a foodie or just have a serious love of tacos, a food tour is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. Much like a food tour, relationships are about trying new things to keep the connection strong and exciting. Trying new food takes people out of their comfort zones and shows their willingness to try new and unfamiliar things. If you meet someone you like on a food tour, there is a good chance he/she will always be up for something new, making the relationship far from boring.

Bonus: Meetup // multiple locations

Meetup is a website that helps you meet new people in your community with similar interests. The website caters to different groups that you can join and meet up with for weekly activities. Meetup offers a wide range of groups from bookclubs to fitness classes to movies and more. If you want to try something new but none of your friends are up for it, go on Meetup - there is probably a group for it. The website also has a singles section to maximize your chances of meeting a potential flame.

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